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On The Desk – CraftRoomInspiredChallenge – Socks

Week 2 of the # CraftRoomInspiredChallenge – Old Comfy Socks.

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On the desk...

It’s definitely getting more autumnal isn’t it! If you’re seeking out your colder-weather clothing, perhaps you come across a pair of old cosy socks, why not take part in this week’s # CraftRoomInspiredChallenge!

This month, for a bit of fun; I thought I’d spend the next few weeks sharing a sneak peek of my preparations for the # CraftRoomInspiredChallenge; using different materials each week, including leaves, twigs, old cosy socks and orange fabric, yarn or thread. The final results will be shared over on Instagram every Sunday.

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You can read my first project teaser here.

# CraftRoomInspiredChallenge week 2 – Old cosy socks

So here’s my bit of preparation, there’s not much to mention really, I have my pair of old fluffy socks (I think these shrunk a little in the wash).

I’m not really a fan of white socks anyway, so they’re screaming to be put to crafty use! I’m going to let you guess what I’m going to be doing, but also ask what would YOU do with them?

All I’m using – some socks, and some thread… I may also use a sharpie.

I’m going to be doing some sewing! I’m not telling you what yet, but do feel free to have a guess in the comments.

It would be great to hear what you would make with all the prompts; and of course if you are taking part in the challenge; do let me and Gemma know. I’m sure we’ll also chat a little about it over on the Twitter chat each Tuesday too.

Of course head over to Instagram (and give me a follow if you don’t already) on Sunday; to see this weeks reveal!

What are you making this week?

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