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My Autumn Bucket List – Blogtober 2020

Autumn is my favourite season, and it seemed only right, to share my autumn bucket list here on the blog, to show what I have planned for the next month or so!

Blogtober - The Craft Room and Beyond

I don’t have much planned generally for October, but there are a few things I would like to do! So I created a bucket list at the beginning of the month, knowing ahead of time, it was one of the prompts for Instagram…

Looking at Blogtober ideas, and posting more over on Instagram than here on the blog (because I’m following the tags for #BlogtoberWithBOA) there is inevitably going to be some cross-over. But in this post I had already planned to share my plans, even though by now my autumn bucket list already been shared over on Instagram.

I shared the list over on Insta, so I thought here, I would go into a little more detail!

My Autumn Bucket List

Go out for lunch

We haven’t been out much this year, but I think we’re long overdue for another afternoon out, and so this reason alone is why it’s on the list!

Have a board games night

I love a good board games night, and it’s something great for rainy autumn nights, getting us away from the tv for a while! We have a couple of classics for this time of year too! Do you have a favourite board game?

Go for an autumn walk

There’s nothing better than walks in Autumn, with the leaves underfoot and all of the colours. We have NT membership, so I’m sure we’ll find some time to get out and about, once it stops raining!!

Movie nights with popcorn

Any excuse right? It’s no coincidence that many of my bucket list items are rainy day activities! I’m also doing 31 Days of Horror over on Twitter, so if you want to know what I’m watching, you can find out there!

Halloween Crafting

I haven’t done much in the way of Halloween crafting here on the blog, as we don’t do much! But I thought it would make a fun change to have some projects to share! I did of course make this Halloween Black Cat Cushion last year.

Do some baking

Any excuse for some treats right?

While I have some ideas, as I’ll be sharing on the blog, what shall I make? Cake? Muffins? Cookies? If you have any ideas, do leave a comment below!!

Find my recipe for Halloween Bat Shortbread here!

Go pumpkin picking

I’ve never actually done this, and I feel like it should happen, and so, I’ve added it to the list! It sounds like a fun day out, if we can get around to it!

All the hot chocolate

This one made people laugh on Insta, though it’s so true! I don’t like coffee, so while Stu will go for the seasonal PSL, I will treat myself to some chocolatey goodness. And I’ll probably start making it at home more, now it’s colder in the evenings!

Have an autumn clear out

It’s almost time I changed my clothes over, and found my cold weather stuff again! This makes it an opportune time for a clear out! I have a few other things I want to get rid of or move to storage too. So I’m using the change in season, as motivation!

My autumn bucket list

Do you have an autumn bucket list, or seasonal plans of your own? Let me know, and if you’re doing blogtober too, I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “My Autumn Bucket List – Blogtober 2020

  1. Hi it’s AnneCovenaunts from twitter here. I love the idea of having things to aim for and achieve through the cooler days, especially those when we can’t really go very far.
    I was thinking of having a clear out; I’m overdue a donation of clothing to charity shops and if I’m honest, getting rid of crafting materials I won’t ever use which I bought because I’d find a use for them. 5 years on is this really going to happen? No, of course not, no it isn’t likely so yes….out they will go. A bag of foam letters, some card making supplies…..I’ll feel better when I’ve actually sorted through!

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