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A Day in the Life – Blogtober 2020

I loved the idea of sharing my “Day in the Life”, here on the blog, though the #BlogtoberWithBOA prompt is for tomorrow, and I’m following the prompts over on Instagram. I am sharing my day YESTERDAY because I’m at work today, so of course, not much happens at all!

Blogtober - The Craft Room and Beyond

So, here’s my Tuesday, just for fun!

A day in the life… when I’m working, is pretty much the morning routine a couple of hours earlier, and then being out until 6pm. So I will be writing about Tuesday, which is my regular day off! People often say I’ve been busy on a day like this, but I do manage some chill time!

My Day – Tuesday 6th October 2020

9am –

I’m having a lay in. Because I’m off, so inevitably stayed up til 2am… My alarm goes off, and cue at least one cat demanding food! (Loki jumped up on my pillow and started chewing my hair…)

A day in the life... Feed the cats
9:30am –

Cats fed, I have tea, Loki sits on my lap for a cuddle, and I check through the news, social media and email to see what’s going on, and if I need to do anything. I don’t really have anything to add to my to-do list. I remember I do have to do some training for work at some point.

10:30am –

Finally decide to move, go and get dressed, make more tea and turn my laptop on, grabbing my planner to see what I really do need to do for the day! There’s never much, but usually some sort of blog content, and lately I’m going through and editing everything here!

I check a few things, chat with a couple of people, and get my work training out of the way.

Day in the life - Coraline DVD and cup of tea
12:00 –

Cross a few things off my list, send a couple of emails, and chill with mindless staring at social media for a bit, after half an hour I start getting ready for #CollabHour on Twitter, make another cuppa and put Coraline on in the background.

2:15 –

Finally I can move from the sofa after a fun chat! I have a bite to eat (Nutella on toast) And relax for a bit away from the screen. After a break I need to plan what I need to do for the #BCChat Happy Mail challenge, and write a list of who I need to include. I’ll send emails around 6pm though.

4:00 –

I realise I haven’t done any editing today, so I put an episode of a podcast on, and spend a bit of time working on some old posts, for an hour or so… This sometimes includes making replacement graphics, but I have a stock of them saved by now.

Day in the life - me
5:00 –

Stu goes to college in the evenings on a Tuesday, and I have a chat to prepare for, so I have a cuppa, send emails for the latest challenge, and put a film on, and grab some knitting to relax for a bit of down time.

7:30 –

I start getting ready for hosting #BCChat, which is pretty relaxed so I just grab my planner, and feed the cats before sitting down with my laptop.

9:00 –

Chat over, Stu and I decide on pizza for dinner, and pick a movie. This month we’re doing #31DaysOfHorror over on Twitter. We decide on Ju-On because it’s been sitting in our to-watch pile for ages.

Day in the life #31DaysOfHorror Ju-On
For more movies Stu and I have been watching this year check out the Friday Night Film, our movie challenge for the year.
11:00 –

This is pretty much the end of the day, I grab a shower, get my stuff ready for work tomorrow, and head to bed. It’s been a pretty productive day off!

Have you ever recorded a day in the life post? Did you choose an average day? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond

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