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Summer Movie Favourites – Our Top 10

It’s no secret that Stu and I watch a ton of films, so this year I thought every now and again we’d share our favourites here on the blog! So here are 10 of our summer movie favourites!

Summer Movie Favourites

This is such a random mix of films that we’ve been watching or plan to watch this summer!

Ah summer, and it’s a hot one this year! Much like in the Winter Favourites post, we tend to watch films that are HOT at this time of year! Anyone else do this?! Here are some of our summer movie Favourites:


We actually bought the box set this year! such good cheesy fun!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Another collection we just had to binge-watch this year! Do you have a favourite in the series? I think the first one is still my favourite!

Summer movie favourites - 5 Pirates of the Caribbean movies on DVD and Jack and Barbosa Funko Pops.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I love this film so much, it’s great fun. This era has a lot of iconic movies really. I could easily have chosen The Breakfast Club or another John Hughes movie!

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One of my favourite Disney movies, Moana just screams summer! Great songs, a fun story, and who doesn’t love a Disney movie on a chilled afternoon!

Fast & Furious (5)

Stu would say all of them, I think the 5th is the best one (it’s SO silly!) Of course they’re not taken seriously, but sometimes mindless action and fast cars is just necessary!

Summer Movie Favourites - 7 Fast and Furious movies and model cars - Mitsubishi Eclipse, Nissan Skyline and Charger Daytona as seen in the films.


Honestly any time is a good time to watch the Shrek movies! The first one will always be my favourite.

Mad Max

It’s hot. So hot. So of course we’re watching films set in a desert. We should watch Fury Road too… But there’s still time!!

American Pie

I can’t believe how old these films are now. But there’s something so nostalgic about these stupid films!

Want to know more about what we’re watching, check out the Friday Night Film.


This one was more my choice than Stu’s but Grease is great fun, and great for background noise while I’m working on the blog!


This is one of my favourite films, and I watch it every summer! I have the book too, though the story is VERY different!

Summer Movie Favourites - DVD movie and Peter Benchley novel.

Do you agree with our choices? What are your summer favourites? Leave me a comment below or come and chat on Twitter!

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