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Spring Movie Favourites – Our Top 10

It’s no secret that Stu and I watch a ton of films; so this year I thought every now and again we’d share our favourites here on the blog! So here are 10 of our spring movie favourites!

Spring movie favourites

This is such a random mix of films that we’ve been watching or plan to watch this spring!

This year is off to an interesting start. Of course we don’t know what’s going to happen at this point, but we’re just getting on with things at the moment, with LOTS of down-time and trying to watch some spring movie favourites to keep the mood light.

So here are some of our picks for movies and box sets that either make us think of springtime or that we are planning to watch in the next couple of months (especially if some sort of lockdown happens):

Alice in Wonderland

One of my favourite books, and of course there are many adaptations to choose from! I am a big Tim Burton fan, and while I both agree and disagree with some aspects of this one, it’s good fun, and visually stunning!

Spring Movie Favourites - Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass DVDs with Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter Funko Pops.

My Neighbour Totoro

Any time is a good time for Studio Ghibli to be honest, but this one is filled with spring vibes and utter cosy cuteness!

Big Fish

I adore this film, its so quirky but fun, and always makes me think of spring.

Check out our top 10 Winter Favourite Movies in this post.

Jurassic Park

I think we binge JP every year, but it’s such good fun, and a firm favourite!

Peter Rabbit

This film is SO cute and fun! A definite spring feel and of course Easter and rabbits is an iconic mix.

The James Bond Movies

OK, so this isn’t A film, it is in fact LOTS of films, but I haven’t seen most of them, or at least not for ages, so we have decided that we’ll watch them all from the classics right up to the new ones!

Spring Movie Favourites - Daniel Craig Bond Movies Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre DVDs with model DB5 car.

You’ve Got Mail

I haven’t watched this for ages, it definitely makes me think of spring with the flowers at the end! Though I might have to wait, as I already know it will be my choice for Y in the Friday Night Film challenge!

You can read about the Friday Night Film challenge in this post.

Indiana Jones

Another box set we have lined up, it’s one of Stu’s favourites (and mine) and perfect for a rainy spring weekend.

Mary Poppins

A couple of choices now of course, but I still think the original is better.

Little Shop of Horrors

I’ve been doing a bit of prep in the garden, and I keep thinking about this one, so it’s moving up the to-watch list very quickly!

Spring Movie Favourites - Little Shop of Horrors DVD with Seymour holding Audrey II Funko Pop.

Do you agree with our choices? Are there any you haven’t seen?

Do you have films that make you think of different times of year? Let me know in the comments below or come and chat on Twitter!

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