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Autumn Movie Favourites – Our Top 10

It’s no secret that Stu and I watch a ton of films, so this year I thought every now and again we’d share our favourites here on the blog! So here are 10 of our autumn movie favourites!

Autumn Movie Favourites

This is such a random mix of films that we’ve been watching or plan to watch this autumn!

By autumn movie favourites, we mean for the whole season, so while many may be considered Halloween movies, we will do a list of our favourite spooky season films nearer the time!

In autumn, rainy days and those darker, colder evenings means more time on the sofa under a blanket, in front of the tv, watching movies, and so, here are some of the films we have watched and will be watching this autumn.


Ah Zombieland! It’s so much fun, and a nice teaser for the more horror based zombie movies nearer Halloween perhaps! It’s also genuinely funny and a movie we both love. And now there’s the sequel too!


This is such a great Pixar movie, and one of Stu’s favourites, as well as mine. Not only is it a really enjoyable film, it’s got a great soundtrack too!

Autumn Movie Favourites - Brave DVD and Merida Funko Pop!

Spirited Away

One of my favourite Studio Ghibli movies (perhaps second only to Howl’s Moving Castle), truly a great film leading up to Halloween with it’s ghostly and spiritual themes, it’s so beautiful visually and genuinely enjoyable fun for all ages.

Into the Woods

I love a good musical, actually; I think there’s one in every list so far this year! Into the Woods is good fun, and while it may not be the best musical ever it’s very autumnal, and great for a rainy afternoon!

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When Harry Met Sally

I adore this film. It’s genuinely funny, and while it might be showing it’s age a bit now, it’s every bit as enjoyable!

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

We actually watched all six in lockdown, but I had to include it in one of the lists. And if any time was perfect for lounging around; watching several hours of fantasy it’s autumn. Grab some popcorn and a hot chocolate, then get comfy under a blanket, and settle in for a binge of either of these incredible movie series’.

Sleepy Hollow

It’s so visually autumnal I had to include it on the list. With it’s obviously horror undertones, it’s not really scary… I mean Depp’s accent alone is laughable. It’s a who’s who of British actors, and it’s got a bit of everything. I’ve added a Tim Burton movie in each list so far, and I could have chosen a few for this list, but even now this is one I can enjoy over and over again.

Autumn Movie Favourites - Sleepy Hollow DVD and burning red candle in red glass holder

Only Lovers Left Alive

From the slightly silly to the gloriously arty. Jim Jarmusch’s ‘OLLA’ is a beautiful film with a quirky modern take on the classic vampire story. Fabulous casting. The soundtrack is a wonderfully curated mix of everything. It’s visually dark and brooding (of course!) and there’s some dry humour in there too! I adore it.

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The Ring

Throwing some full on horror into the mix with The Ring. I love this film. It’s creepy as hell, and SO much better than it’s US made counterpart. I enjoyed it so much I found the book, and enjoyed that too! It may not be the best in my Asian horror collection, but it’s a definite must watch!

Autumn Movie Favourites - The Ring Japanese movie box-set, with book The Ring by Koji Suzuki

Agree with our choices? Have you seen them all?

Do you have films that make you think of different times of year? Let me know in the comments below or come and chat to me on Twitter!

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