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Halloween Decor – Crafty Ideas – Blogtober 2020

This year, more than in the past I’ve gotten more into Halloween, and Halloween decor. Not that Halloween is something I don’t enjoy, but spending more time indoors; means wanting to make the most of the fun! So unlike any before; I’ve found myself getting more into bringing a little Spooky Season into the house.

Blogtober - The Craft Room and Beyond

Here are some fun, creative decorating ideas, you could try if you’d like to do the same!

Recently I had a little fun ordering some crafty goodies from Hobbycraft online. I picked out some fun bits and pieces for Halloween; as I mentioned I don’t usually go all in for Halloween decor; but its something different to do while we’re spending more time indoors!

I really liked these paint your own “speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil” skulls, and it seemed like something fun and easy to keep me occupied over a couple of evenings!

Halloween Decor - Painted Skulls

They come with six little paint pots (black, white, red, purple, green and orange paints) and a paint brush. I chose purple, red and green; (mixed with black because I thought the green was too bright) for my skulls. The brush was too big for the details, luckily I have some cheap paintbrushes in the craft room so I used a smaller one, and in the end opted for pen for the detailing as I could work to an even finer level…. But they’re kinda fun and brighten up the Halloween stuff I have!

Pumpkin candle holder

One thing I just HAD to have was this cute pumpkin-jack-o’-lantern tealight holder; and I used the paint from my fun skulls to make him wonderfully orange, along with a bit of orange glitter glue. Because who doesn’t want a bit of sparkle here and there?!

For more Halloween crafting check out my heat transfer cushion in this post.
Halloween Decor - Candles

I also got this fun ghost candle holder in Poundland, along with some artificial battery tealights, which completes my fun candle “haul” if you can call it that!

Milk Bottle Ghosts - from The Purple Punmkin Blog
Milk Bottle Ghosts – via Pinterest -From The Purple Pumpkin Blog (click for link)

If you fancy some other fun, creative Halloween decor ideas, you can always head to Pinterest (give me a follow too!) I found a few fun and easy things like these milk bottle lanterns, using glow sticks!

Halloween Decor - Painted Leaf Ghosts
Leaf Ghosts via Pinterest from (click for link)

I also love the idea of painting leaves, or even hand prints for some fun Halloween kids crafts! How cute are they!

Boo handprint halloween art
Boo handprint art via Pinterest – from Glued To My Crafts Blog (click for link)

Have you done any crafting, or put out any fun Halloween Decor? Let me know in the comments below!

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