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April A-Z Challenge: Disney Alphabet V

Day 22!

In case you missed it, this month I am taking part in the A-Z Challenge, you can read more about it on the website here:

So once again, this month I am stitching a Disney character based alphabet sampler.

Each letter is hand stitched to about 1.5ins give or take, and though I was inspired by Disney, I designed the letters myself, based on characters from the films, simply rough sketching in a notebook (so don’t be surprised if this ends up a little messy!)

I didn’t have rules as such, though I have tried not to use a film more than once through the sampler, and of course some letters offered far more limited choices!

And so what will follow every day through April, is a short post sharing each letter!

I adore Vanellope! We love Wreck it Ralph, it’s a great film, there’s so much to notice in it, and the concept is so different to a lot of Disney movies! Often mistaken for a Pixar movie, released in November 2012, it is Disney Animated Classic #52. Vanellope is such a fun character, and I really enjoyed how she developed in the sequel. I really wanted to add her ‘glitch’ and think it just about works. I’m quite tempted to add some beads to this one, but I’m not stitching stuff onto it before it’s finished! I’ll do a round-up post once it’s all done with any extras I add!

I asked a few letters ago, which was the sequel, along with Frozen 2, also included in the Disney Animated Classics, and it is of course Wreck it Ralph 2 – Ralph Breaks the Internet! Released in November 2018, it is Disney Animated Classic #57.

Have you ever played any Disney based computer games?

Which character would you choose for V?

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