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April A-Z Challenge: Disney Alphabet Y

Day 25!

In case you missed it, this month I am taking part in the A-Z Challenge, you can read more about it on the website here:

So once again, this month I am stitching a Disney character based alphabet sampler.

Each letter is hand stitched to about 1.5ins give or take, and though I was inspired by Disney, I designed the letters myself, based on characters from the films, simply rough sketching in a notebook (so don’t be surprised if this ends up a little messy!)

I didn’t have rules as such, though I have tried not to use a film more than once through the sampler, and of course some letters offered far more limited choices!

And so what will follow every day through April, is a short post sharing each letter!

Y is for Yzma! I actually only saw The Emperors New Groove within the last couple of years, and it’s a really fun movie. Yzma is a great villain and is voiced by the wonderful Eartha Kitt. Like a lot of Disney movies, The Emperors New Groove, (Animated Classic #40) has a lot of recognisable voices, which we make a fun game with a lot of Disney films, trying to identify as we watch!

Who are some of your favourite Disney voice actors?

Which character would you choose for Y?

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