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April A-Z Challenge – Disney Alphabet Z

Day 26!

In case you missed it, this month I have been taking part in the A-Z Challenge, you can read more about it on the website here:

So once again, this month I have been stitching a Disney character based alphabet sampler.

Each letter is hand stitched to about 1.5ins give or take, and though I was inspired by Disney, I designed the letters myself, based on characters from the films, simply rough sketching in a notebook (so don’t be surprised if this ends up a little messy!)

I didn’t have rules as such, though I have tried not to use a film more than once through the sampler, and of course some letters offered far more limited choices!

And so every day through April, is a short post sharing each letter!

Z is for Zazu! I absolutely adore The Lion King. Released in June 1994, it is Disney Animated Classic #32. Featuring some of my favourite Disney songs and some amazing voice talent from James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Jeremy Irons as Scar and of course Rowan Atkinson as Zazu. One of my favourite moments is when Zazu sings ‘It’s a Small World” to Scar, and he cries out ‘No No anything but that!”. I also really like that the film incorporated real words from several African languages into the character names and songs.

Unlike Scar, I quite enjoy It’s a Small World. What is your favourite Disney parks ride?

Which character would you choose for Z?

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Or start at the beginning.

Thank you for joining me for this fun challenge! I’ve tried to share a few facts and ask some questions throughout the month, and I will share the complete alphabet next week, once I’ve messed with it a little! (Hopefully polished, pressed and prettied up!) I will be spending the next couple of weeks reading some of the A-Z Challenge blogs, so if I haven’t stopped by, there is still time!

Normal content resumes, I’m going to have a couple of days off, though will be posting a general what I’ve been up to throughout this rather unusual month, on Friday!

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0 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge – Disney Alphabet Z

  1. Zazu! The Lion King was my daughter’s favourite and so I’ve seen in 9 billion times 🙂 It did come in handy when I went to Tanzania, ha ha for I knew a few words and was able to impress people with my “knowledge” 😉 The man who met me at the airport asked ” Are you here because of The Lion King?” ….Maybe….:)
    I love your Z. I think its my favourite. Those colours! That beak! <3 So good!

    1. Thank you!! My next plan is to spend the weekend going through everyone else’s! Now I don’t have 4 hours of sewing a day lol!

  2. Zazu, the lion king. Good to know. I might have seen the movie. Still did not realize it or remember it.

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