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12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Yuletide Yarn Crafts

It’s about time for some Christmas crafting isn’t it! I thought I’d start this year with some easy yarn crafts you can do at home; to add to your decorating!


I have quite a few handmade decorations at this point; but I can’t help myself at this time of year. Here are some easy crafty ideas, for you to try!

Christmas Yarn Crafts

I thought for this post; I would share five easy creative ideas you can try out, to make some fun festive decorations!

Pom-Pom Wreath

One of the easiest makes is also a great way to use up odd yarn, pom-poms! You can make basic pom-poms in different sizes using any colours you like; and thread them onto a wreath ring, to make a fun pom-pom wreath! I went with shades of red and green; though you can use any colours you like or work to match your own Christmas decorations at home!

Christmas Yarn Crafts - PomPom Wreath

Yarn Wrapped Bauble

Another super easy project is a yarn wrapped bauble! I had this cute polystyrene heart in my stash; and simply wrapped yarn around it to cover the heart; finishing with some beads and a hanging loop using more yarn tucked into the loops!

Christmas Yarn Crafts - Wrapped bauble
Read about my crafty advent calendar from 2018 in this post

Crafty Pom-Pom Robins

These are SO easy to make, using brown and red yarn; as you wrap your yarn as you would a normal pom pom; add some red yarn wrapped on one edge, for the chest. Continue with the brown yarn. Then make a second smaller pom pom with brown yarn for the head. Attach them together; using the loop of your body section. finish with some beads for eyes; and a tiny beak made of yellow felt.

Christmas Yarn Crafts pom-pom robin

Knitted Decorations

I made this little knit stocking decoration in one evening sat on the sofa. There are lots of free patterns for knit decorations available online; and they make cute little handmade additions to your decor!

Christmas Yarn Crafts - knitted decorations

Yarn Tassel Garland

Making tassels with yarn is so easy; and to create the garland, you just need to thread them on a length of yarn! Quick and fun to make, and a sweet extra touch to handmade decorating!

Christmas Yarn Crafts - Tassel Garland

Do you have any handmade decorations this Christmas? I’ve shared some of mine over on Instagram too, if you’re not following me already.

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