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Bujo – January 2021 Setup

I’ve never attempted bullet journaling before. But having tried scrapbooking (a lot); something between scrapping and art journaling; and even just having a planner last year(!) I thought it was time I gave it a go! So in this post I thought I’d share things at the beginning, so here’s the bujo – January 2021, and how I’ve set it up so far.

Bujo Share

I got my journal for around £10 on Amazon, from Stationery Island, I actually got a kit which came with a ruler, some stickers (yay) and a pen.

My Bullet Journal for 2021

Bujo 2021

My journal is an a5, 180 page dotted notebook, with a pocket in the back and an elastic band closure. In teal… of course! I sensibly counted through to divide it into months, some with extra notes pages, and left the front for my random trackers and record pages.

It seems ironic maybe to have a planner, and share it just after the announcement of a return to lockdown; but I do a lot of things here on the blog, which I like to keep track of. As well as general “life admin”!

 Bujo kit -Bullet Journal, stickers, and accessories

My biggest thing against starting a bujo was that I’d get distracted with making it pretty! So I got it ages ago, and actually did my set up over a few weeks! The paper is reasonably thick, but there is a little bleed through, nothing drastic, and I’m not all that bothered by it, but if this is something that would annoy you it’s worth noting.

My planner last year definitely showed what I needed some pages for, in terms of keeping track of blogging, and various challenges, through the year.

If you’re looking for some help getting started with bullet journaling, the lovely Naomi has written a fab 5 steps post, full of advice and ideas, which you should check out.

2021 record pages

I needed pages for the Friday Night Film, days out, and (hopeful, here) cinema trips. I also added a page for crafty projects, reading (in the hope I read more this year) and some general trackers, and reminders.

Bujo – January 2021

Bujo - January 2021

Goals are fairly simple; and notes specifically for the blog on these pages.

Bujo - January 2021 - Goals

For my monthly layouts I’m definitely going to try something different for each month, to see what works for me. I’ve gone for quite a simple layout for January, just using columns.

A bit of space to add in any trackers I feel like I need/want and space for general notes.

Bujo - January 2021 1
Bujo - January 2021 - Weekly Spread

Do you have a planner or journal, or even a bullet journal? If you share on a blog or social media, let me know, I’d love to check it out. Also tips are more than welcome!!

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