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Happy Crafty New Year – Beyond Craft

Every Tuesday evening I host Beyond Craft, aka #BCChat; over on Twitter. Last month we had a fun Secret Santa swap, and this week I am launching our first Challenge of 2021 – Happy Crafty New Year!

Beyond Craft aka #BCChat a weekly creative twitter chat

I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my fab Secret Santa gift, and to tell you about the new challenge I’ll be launching tomorrow. So if you’ve spotted this, you have an early start!

The #BCChat Secret Santa

The Secret Santa swap was definitely something that had to happen, especially given how horrible the end of last year ended up being for so many.

#BCChat secret Santa

There are no major rules for the swap, you can buy a gift, make a gift, go somewhere in between. We’d done a happy mail swap a couple of months before too! The only real rule was not revealing WHO you are to your recipient until they open it, by sending a card or note with their gift.

I sent a gift to creative marvel Gemma from Mayinspire! So daunting, when you’re sending to someone who teaches people crafts!

Cross Stitched Stocking decorations - Secret Santa 2020

I sent some cute handmade Christmas tree decorations, some locally sourced chocolate and a handmade card.

You can find my tutorial for the stocking bauble here.

I received this fab quilling set from the lovely Misa at The Create Shed;

Quilling set - secret Santa gift

We had talked in the chat, about wanting to try new things; and it came up that this is something I’d be interested in attempting, so it was really thoughtful!

This leads us neatly to:

The Happy Crafty New Year Challenge

The Happy Crafty New Year Challenge

Challenge one of 2021, so what is it?

Challenge 1 - Happy Crafty New Year - Try a new craft, or pick up something you have started but never managed to finish...

This challenge ends, with everyone sharing their finished projects in our chat on Tuesday February 23rd.

I will of course be learning how to do some quilling for the challenge! I am really excited to be trying out a new craft! Have you tried it before? If you have any tips DO let me know in the comments below!

Are you trying anything new this new year? Why not come and join in the chats on a Tuesday evening, click here to find us!

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