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Very Berry Knitting (Part 1)

I’m feeling oddly motivated at the moment; and I thought I’d use that motivation for a little more craft time! I’ve always got something on the go, and I thought I’d try and get back on the needles; with some very berry knitting!

On the desk...

So here goes with another crafty project at the beginning of the year! Though I’m thinking small and easy to accomplish this time, because I always have a habit of starting things but not finishing them!

The Yarn

I picked up some of this gorgeous variegated yarn in Poundland a little while ago (3 for £2), and didn’t really have any project in mind for it, I just liked the colour! (We’ve all been there, right? Fellow creatives…)

Poundland’s yarn offering is pretty good, it’s soft, and nice quality, they are 50g skeins but at the price, it’s fairly easy on the budget for little projects or larger ones! I’m using the same yarn in different colour for this project.

Very Berry Knitting - The Variegated yarn in shades of pink, purple and white

Very Berry Knitting

I always feel like I work best on larger needles. I like the way they feel, and I also like that everything knits up a little faster! SO to begin I took my two 50g skeins; and balled them together; because I want this to be a little chunkier than the standard dk.

Very Berry Knitting - Yarn
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Why “Very Berry” well, this just makes me think of berries, and I nickname all of my knitting projects-in-progress… This yarn has got a very almost raspberry ripple quality to it, though it’s a little more purple…

Very Berry Knitting - a WIP

I have got a finished item in mind, but so far I haven’t done very much, so I thought I’d just share my very berry knitting in progress with you, and you can feel free to have a guess as to what (I hope) it will be!

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