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Very Berry Knitting Complete (Part 2)

Yes, you read it here first, very berry knitting complete! I’ve actually managed to finish something I started! I know, I’m impressed too!

On the desk...

Though I will say; I have since made something else; which I’ll be sharing next week; to use up the remaining yarn (It STILL didn’t!) but I’m at least quite proud that I’ve used a fair bit of it!

Very Berry Knitting Complete

I always try to begin the year with a project I’ll finish quickly. It’s nice to have some progress early on; I try to get on the back of it with the motivation to start work on something else. So here’s hoping as you read this, I’m at work on another project!

Very Berry Knitting - Yarn

So, I posted this first image on Twitter, showing off this gorgeous yarn, as well as, of course this post, leaving it to people to guess what I was making.

A few guessed a scarf or a cowl, my favourite answer was “pretty certain it’s not a hat” because, well, here is my completed knitting project:

Very Berry Knitting complete - Hat

I actually reused an old pattern, editing it slightly, as I was working with thinner yarn. The original pattern used super chunky yarn, I doubled up the DK, which looks so good. It did mean I finished with a smaller ball of doubled DK yarn, which I went on to use in another project…. I’ll link it here when it’s up!

These are horrible photos, taken indoors, but I’ll take new ones as soon as it stops raining for ten minutes and I get outside!

So, the “very berry knitting”, complete, but also continues in another post coming very soon!

Have you been working on anything so far this month? Let me know in the comments, or share with me on Twitter, (my other socials are below).

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