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Our Rainy Week and Cross Stitching (Part 3)

SO still in lockdown, and still working on Love Tree, so I thought I’d share a bit about our rainy week, and of course a cross-stitch update too!

This Week

What does a rainy week mean for us? Well, lots of movie watching, a bit of reading, finally actually finishing tidying the craft room, and of course cross-stitching!!

Our Rainy Week

So it’s been a pretty quiet one this week. Finally feeling the lockdown energy, especially now I don’t really need to go anywhere other than shopping, and it’s been raining pretty much constantly!

This means lots of time with these guys…

two cats Sid, a fluffy black cat and Loki a short hair black cat
Sid (Bottom) and Loki

I think they like us being around more, they’re cuddlier than usual!

Finally finishing the craft room tidy..

I want to do a tour type post, so for now here’s a look in the craft cupboard!

Chilling with TV and movies; we finished Cobra Kai, and we’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy again, and we’re already on season 3! We also watched all of the Back to the Future movies this week, and last night watched Ralph Breaks the Internet. So it’s nice and varied!

It does also give me more crafting time though, which has been going well! I’ve done some knitting, which you can see some of in this post, as well as a bit more I’ll be sharing in a few days!

Very Berry Knitting complete - WIP Pic

Love Tree

On top of that is Love Tree; I’m still finding it fairly painless with the metallic thread at the moment, but my plan is to get it all done (the silver) by the end of the first week in February, and that might be a bit ambitious!

It would mean I can actually share something more interesting than blocks of one colour though! I should thank you for bearing with me, and keeping me motivated! DO feel free to leave me more literal motivation below or over on Twitter!

Our rainy week did lead to more stitching getting done!
Even more progress by the end of the week!

It’s coming along pretty nicely though as of this week. So I’m hoping I can keep going, I’ve finished one “page” of this part, there is a fair bit still to do though!

Have you been doing anything fun, or watching anything interesting lately? If you’re crafting; what are you working on at the moment?

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