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Lockdown: Staying Positive – This Week #12

So we’re all back to normal after the April A-Z Challenge, but of course things for the last few weeks things have been far from “normal”. To begin, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to any keyworkers out there, whether frontline NHS and medical staff, or those working in shops and other businesses keeping us, our families and friends all safe and hopefully healthy. My heart goes out to those affected by the coronavirus, whether literally, or in terms of stress from the lockdown, working from home, home schooling, or those who are lonely and isolated. We are all in this together!

This Week

I confess, the situation has been quite bearable here, the A-Z challenge has been something of a blessing really in terms of avoiding the weekly posts of what I’ve been up to! There is only so much you can really say considering I last worked on the 23rd March! So, here we are at the beginning of May and while I haven’t been up to much, I thought I’d share what has been going on this April!

This Month – Crafting

So of course it goes without saying that I have been doing a LOT of crafting in the last month! Mostly stitching for the challenge, which you can of course see here on the blog, I have also made some cards, (which I can’t share at the moment) and even sewed some masks, not that they are (thankfully) necessary at the moment, but I am prepared!

Lockdown crafting - Handmade fabric mask. Disney print fabric in black and white, with pink ties.

I used some cotton FQ’s I had in the craft room, which means they are fully boil-washable. The pattern I used was on the Cricut design space and freely available, as are many alternatives! Of course I got to have a little fun and make them Disney themed!

Lockdown crafting - Colour in canvas campervan image with lots of other mini campers

I’ve also done a bit of colouring, and knitting, just trying to keep occupied! How cute is this Hobbycraft colour-in canvas? Not an ad, but how totally fitting for our camper theme!

Getting Outside in Lockdown

A view in our local park, the location for our lockdown walks

To get out of the house, we are lucky enough to live near a gorgeous park, which has been great to have so close by, for walks in the sun! Especially as we have been blessed with such wonderful weather!

In the Garden

I’ve managed to get out in the garden too, and do some planting. This has been quite nice, especially spending so much time at home.

Iris and daffodils in a planter

It’s definitely a nice sight, and a pretty reminder that it is still spring.


In between all the sewing and walking, Stu and I have both done some baking! I think more is on the cards very soon too!

I thought I’d do double colour icing for Easter. It’s way easier than you’d think, and looks SO pretty!

Stu’s go-to recipe is rock buns, and they are delicious! Slightly spiced, they’re a lovely treat with a cup of tea.

TV and Films

We have watched a lot of TV and films over the last month, including Season 9 of The Walking Dead (On Prime), After Life, Friday Night Dinner and Community (On Netflix). Films including The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies, all of the Pirates of the Caribbean and we are now watching our way through the entire back catalogue of James Bond films.

Spending Time with Friends in Lockdown

I have been trying my best to go online with #CraftBlogClub and have done a couple of Facebook Live sessions, as well as the regular chats, which is new for me, but good fun! I’ve also talked to friends and family online and via Zoom and Facebook!

Happy Mail! A card with a black and white photograph of a cat, and a disney character reusable bag.

I have also received some lovely happy mail from Sarah, which was so nice and cheered me up!

And just this week I received this gorgeous pin from Eweniverse nominated by Sarah as part of #MyGiftToYouDay and it’s so fun and cheerful!

Eweniverse enamel pin "Ewe Knit-Wit" a sheep with balls of yarn.

You should totally check out the Eweniverse shop for yourself! Full of cuteness, puns and lovely bright colours!

Other than this we’ve simply been enjoying the extra time together. Trying to see the positives, in watching a lot of movies, relaxing, doing things we enjoy; and of course extra cat cuddles!

As well as little treats every now and again!

I really hope you’re doing well, and making the best of the lockdown. Don’t forget to go easy on yourself, and definitely try to enjoy the little things. In the end, this is what’s best for all of us and it’s important to not lose sight of that, even when it becomes frustrating.

Until next time,

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  1. I’m so glad the weather ha s been so good lately indeed and that you’ve been able to enjoy walks in the park. I really hope things will get back to some semblance of normal soon though. Visiting from the A2Z road trip.

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