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Very Berry Knitting – Extra (Part 3)

Yes, you read it here a week ago, the knitting was complete, so what’s happening now?!! What’s with the Very Berry Knitting – Extra?!

On the desk...

When I had finished knitting before, I still had some yarn left over, and of course that called for making something else…

The purpose of the project to begin the year; was to use up some yarn I had bought for no reason; and of course because craft content is my thing; to have something reasonably quick and useful to share! Completing the Very Berry Hat; I used up a lot less of the yarn than I thought I would.

Very Berry Knitting – Extra

Instead of finding a pattern, to use up the rest, I ended up roughly figuring out that I could use a similar method, (with less stitches cast on) to make some wrist warmers, so I went with it…

Very Berry Knitting - Yarn

So I was, of course still working with the same ball of doubled DK, on 9mm needles; and thought I’d write down as I went; because you do kind of need to match up if you’re making two!

It was pretty successful, and here’s what I ended up with:

Very Berry Knitting - Extra - Wrist warmers

These handmade mittens were actually super quick to make, taking around an hour each, while I was chilling watching a film.

If you would be interested in me sharing the pattern for either the hat or wrist warmers, let me know; I can do a blog post.

Of course it didn’t stop there, as, it turns out these are a great quick craft project, and a fab stash-buster! It was my mums birthday recently, and I made here a pair too!

Finding some black yarn, and a small ball of mustard yellow, I balled them together and spent another evening knitting away; to make her a pair in this very bee-like colourway.

It’s been really nice the last few weeks working on something that is not a scarf, or one of the two jumpers I’m allegedly working on! (though I’m feeling way more motivated, so maybe I’ll dig one out!)

Have you been working on any creative projects this month? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me! (Other socials are below).

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  1. I’d be interested in the pattern – they’d make a good getting=back-into-knitting project.

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