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Wooden Hanging Hearts – Valentines Crafts

When coming up with Valentines craft ideas, I wanted to take the opportunity to try some new things; and do something a little different. With that in mind; I thought I’d try my hand at decorating these cute wooden hanging hearts; which you can find in most craft supply shops.

Feel the Love

In this post I’m going to share four hanging hearts, decorated three different ways.

There’s also a tiny cross-stitch update right at the bottom of the post too!

Wooden Hanging Hearts

I picked up these hanging hearts in Hobbycraft for £1 ages ago with a different project in mind; that never happened! Now it’s Valentine’s Day soon; I thought I’d try something a bit different!

Wooden Hanging Hearts

Four Hearts Three Ways!

Coming up with ways of decorating things like this; is always the hard part and I really struggled to find different ways of decorating these, so I thought I’d raid my stash and try out some ideas!

Painted Wooden Hanging Hearts

I had some acrylic paint I’m using for something else, and decided to paint two of the hearts; they came up really nicely with no preparation and just a coat of acrylic.

Glitter Gems

Largely a way to use up some of my stash, because I have TONS of these and rarely use them. I decorated one heart with some of my stick on gems (using some glue to keep them stuck down!

Wooden Hanging Hearts - gems

Decopatch Hanging Heart

Using clear drying glue (PVA or Mod Podge work well; in experience) cover the heart, and layer on decopatch paper to cover. This is really simple but pretty! And of course there’s such an array of paper to choose from!

I had this music note decopatch paper left over from this project from years ago!!
Wooden Hanging Hearts - Decopatch

Overall I think my favourite is the decopatch one, followed up by the second, but sparkles is really not my style. It was fun to think up some fun ways to decorate the hearts, if you can think of more – let me know in the comments below!!

Love Tree Cross-Stitch

Lest I go another friday without an update, here is a quick snap of my progress on the Love Tree cross-stitch kit:

Love Tree Cross-stitch update February 5th

I’m now in the final (large) stretch of silver, so hopefully I’ll be working on some colour soon! You can read more about this gorgeous cross-stitch project in this post, and of course I’ll update more next week.

Hearts Pin

Have you been working on any Valentines crafting? Let me know in the comments below, or of course you can join in with the Beyond Craft chat (#BCChat) on Tuesday on Twitter.

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