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On The Desk – Mini Cross-Stitch Flowers

Can’t believe we’re in June! I have been trying to keep busy with cleaning and garden stuff this week; my flowers are growing, so I thought it only fitting that I work on something similar craft-wise too!

On the desk...

This year I picked up a few mini cross stitch kits. For those moments when I’m not as motivated to work on a larger project. This week has been one of those weeks…

I’ve been feeling very much in a relaxing sort-of mood lately. I just want to relax; and picking up a big cross-stitch sampler, or knitting just isn’t something I’m in the mood for at the moment!

I have a feeling this might be an ongoing thing unfortunately; which doesn’t look good for some of my 35 before 35 goals!

Anyway, this week I really wanted to work on something summery and fun; but not too taxing – and this cute mini cross-stitch kit from Hobbycraft is perfect!

Hobbycraft mini cross stitch kit, flowers in a jug

Just a cute little jug of pink flowers. Perfect to turn into a card or put in a little frame! There’s something so nice about the colours in this design, the pinks and blue are really bright. I also adore spiderweb stitch, so it’s perfect! I think I’ll end up making this into a card to send to someone once I finish it.

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What I really like about these kits, is that they come with everything; so you can keep all the threads together; and not need to go hunting for bits and pieces. I even get a needle! So I can just chill and stitch while watching tv or a film!

Have you been making anything lately? Working on any projects? Or perhaps you’re spending more time in the garden?

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