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Valentines Gifts You Can Send in the Post

I was having a think this week about Happy Mail; and given the time of year, and the current situation here in the UK; it made me think of what Valentines gifts (or “galentines” etc etc) you could send in the post.

Feel the Love

So I thought I’d do a little post sharing some ideas, great if you wanted to step away from the simple flowers and chocolates, or even if you were just looking for ideas to send something nice to a special friend!

And as a bonus I’m also sharing a super cute and easy craft idea anyone can do, for almost any occasion!

Valentines Gifts for Happy Mail

Bearing in mind the idea of posting things I thought it would be a fun challenge to fit all of my ideas in a maché heart box, which has been sitting around in my stash for ages! This is of course WAY smaller than what you could fit in an envelope, but hopefully a jumping off point for ideas!

You can also check out some other great ideas for Valentines Gifts in this post!

Something Sweet for the Stationery Addict

So cute and super easy, send some mini post-its, notebooks, stickers; and of course washi tapes!

Some other cute stationery essentials like erasers, clips and of course pens and pencils are always fun and useful, and you can buy SO many different items to fit all tastes and budgets!

Valentines Gifts - Stationery

Valentines Gifts For The Beauty Lover

Mini beauty gifts can be great, if like me; you don’t wear much make up, OR if you like to change up your style! There are options too, to make mini gifts for specific likes, such as nails, hair or make-up too!

You can even make up a mini gift with face masks, and bath goodies, for those that love a good soak!

Great mini gifts include blending sponges, emery boards, mini nail polish, lip gloss/balms and of course hair accessories! You could take these small gift ideas a step further by adding gift cards to favourite stores!

Valentines Gifts - Beauty

Crafty Ideas For The Complicated Creative

Of course there’s a craft one! Craft fans often have “everything” so if you are blessed with a crafter in the house or have a crafty friend; here are some great mini gifts:

Sewing/Embroidery – Needles, pins, measuring tape, fabric, dressmakers chalk, buttons, beads, bobbins, pin-cushions and needle-minders.

Knitting/Crochet – Yarn (but if you don’t know what they need, sock yarn is a nice safe bet), stitch markers, needles, hooks and stitch/row counters.

Papercrafts – Stamps, good non-fading pens, brads, paper sets, stickers, scissors, and of course stationery!

Valentines Gifts - Craft

Easy Valentines Gift you can try at home!

I’ve seen these here and there and it’s so cute and so easy! A great gift for family members, or just to display at home, (and to have a bit of fun…)

Handprint art!

Obviously you need paper or a canvas (super easy to find and not expensive) and paint… And that’s it! I went around the heart formed by the thumbs and hand wrote a sentiment underneath in silver marker.

All you need to do is cover your hand in paint and keep it pressed down to get a good print… And let it dry!

Not just for Valentines of course; these can be cute gifts for family members, or even to celebrate milestones!

Handprint Art

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully got some ideas for some gifts to send this month! Please consider leaving a comment below, hitting ‘like’, or even sharing on social media. You can of course find me in most places, but I’m more active on Twitter than anywhere else!

Hope you have a great start to the week!

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