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His and Hers Valentines Mugs

Something I really wanted to do this year; was make some His and Hers Valentines mugs using my Cricut, and some vinyl. This was quite easy to achieve, and I already had the perfect font on my laptop.

Feel the Love

I’ve said before that we don’t really take Valentine’s Day very seriously as a couple; earlier this week; Stu picked me up a new toothbrush and joked he was tempted to give it to me on Sunday… But as it’s so cold at the moment I came up with the perfect gift; (which clearly is going to be seen a bit early!).

His and Hers Valentines Mugs

I wanted to come up with a simple decal for two plain white mugs (picked up in a local shop; while on a totally different errand!) something that was “us” while also being cute enough to blog about…

We LOVE Disney, and have great memories of trips to Disneyland Paris; so, loading up the Cricut design space, I found just the right font; and did a super simple cut-out from a basic heart shape.

His and Hers Valentines Mugs

Considering the recent cold weather; I went ahead and loaded the mugs with hot chocolate, a cheeky Baileys and of course some marshmallows! Perfect for a Valentines night in!

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Of course “his and hers valentines” isn’t necessarily my style; but when you bring Disney into the mix, I can’t stop myself; and while I had the Cricut out, I thought of a fun addition…

His and Hers Valentines Mugs - cricut vinyl

A short sentence later, I was done, with some vinyl to spare. (You do need permanent vinyl for this project; I liked the Cricut branded one and found it easy to use, and it apparently washes well over time).

A Plate For Sweet Treats

His and Hers Valentines Plate

I ended up putting a cute sentiment on a plain white plate too! I baked, of course, because I don’t need an excuse! My recipe will be available here in a couple of days time! Red velvet heart shaped cupcakes, with pink cream cheese frosting… Because if I go with a theme, I go with a theme!

So, here it is all together, our his and hers valentines mugs, plate and cake!

His and Hers Valentines Mugs

What do you think? Have you done any projects using Cricut vinyl? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me! I’d love to see; I love chatting about craft and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

His and Hers Valentines Mugs Pin

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