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In the Garden: Bright Planting

How to Brighten Up Your Garden When You Rent (Part 1)

I’m somewhat new to the idea of gardening, so bright planting of any kind is a little scary… But considering we rent our house; there is only so much you can do to create an outdoor space that is really what you want… right?

In the garden

Wrong! Over the last couple of years I have been a mission, to make the garden a fun; welcoming space; we actually want to spend time in. So, join me this month for some fun creative ideas to add some joy to the outside of the house!

To begin, let’s add some quick and easy colour!

Bright Planting

Simple Garden Plants, bright planting doesn't need to be expensive
Photo from 2019

As I said, I’m fairly new to the idea of gardening; we’ve been here a few years and it has mostly been a case of (Stu) mowing the lawn; and trying to control the hedges along one side of the back garden.

So to begin, I purchased some, cheap; basic bedding plants; and also some runner beans because apparently they’re super easy to grow. This will create bright spots with minimal planting.

Bright planting, basic plants in belfast sink planter
Not the tidiest, spring coming out and summer plants going in!

A while ago I finally found a use for the Belfast sink; which had been sitting in the corner of the garden; since we moved in (probably before) by turning it into a planter for some bedding plants.

Right away; I loved the colours, and even added a couple of pots; one for out the front, and another for the tiny square of decking. I simply don’t have time for starting a flower bed in the garden itself; and considering we are renting, it is far easier to have a more mobile option.

Bright planting -Iris and Daffodils

So, initially it was simply bedding flowers. Very quick and easy; and pretty cheap too if you shop around; total cost around £10-£15 thanks to inheriting some pots from Stu’s mums shed; (though you can pick those up for a couple of quid here and there too).

This year

This year I added a couple more colourful pots; sticking to my theme of bright colours, with some colourful planting. I think these yellow dahlias might be my favourite!

Bright planting made easy! Garden flowers in bright coloured pots.

I’m sure you can see in the latest photos; there is still a lot of grey, and so this has led me to the conclusion; that as I am spending more time outside watering; weeding (though not as much as if they were in the ground); and planting, that I’d like the garden to be a lot more bright and fun!

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So, with that in mind, I decided on an endeavour to ready the garden for summer, and get crafting, to truly make it a fun space for us to enjoy!

Do you have any tips for brightening up rented spaces? Leave a comment or come and chat to me on Twitter!

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