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Love Tree Update (Part 6) Colour Begins

So we’re back with the current project, and it’s a slightly brighter Love Tree update! I really wanted to get into stitching this week because I can finally stitch in colour!

On the desk...

As much as it has been fun to work in metallic thread, and find myself not totally hating the experience; for a change, I was delighted to thread something other than silver onto my needle this week! So what colour have I started with?

Love Tree Update

Of course in the previous cross-stitch update (you can find it here), I finally finished the major portion of silver stitching. With that said, there are a few rough edges I want to go over, and a couple of smaller silver areas left. I did however want to move on to colour, because that’s truly what makes this piece so beautiful!

Love Tree Kit - Cover showing finished pattern

I was going to start with one of the brighter colours; to add real contrast to the silver. However, in the end I opted for this pretty light green shade. This made sense to me, as it spread quite far over the aida; and seemed like a good way of mapping out the colours; as the design is all quite spread out! (Yes I could have stitched myself a grid… possibly should have, but I didn’t.)

Love Tree Update light green

It’s definitely really satisfying to get a large amount of one colour done. I am currently leaving the bottom part of the design; so I’ll catch up with that a little later. For now though, this pop of light green feels very much like the current time of year; just a small splash of spring, after a long winter!

Love Tree Update light green close up

Here is a little close up of the stitching so far! I’m excited to pick a new colour to work with next week, and gradually introduce more in each update! I’m definitely feeling excited as to how it will look now!

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