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What I’m Up To – The Craftic Challenge

I couldn’t decide what to blog about this week, there has been a fair bit going on; but nothing massively noteworthy! So with that in mind; I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to over on Instagram; and the Craftic Challenge!


This is a month long creative photo challenge to coincide with National Craft Month…

The Craftic Challenge

The Craftic Challenge was created by Jen from Craftic, and is now already becoming a spring tradition! I really enjoy it, and took part in 2020 sharing my images over on my Facebook page; and this year I am sharing over on Instagram.

So how does it work?

Head on over to Instagram, give the #CrafticChallenge tag a follow, find the prompts over there and join in!!

For me it’s a great excuse to have fun making pretty flatlays; and generally have a look through my stash finding things I’ve forgotten about! It can also be really motivational when it comes to finding old projects! Not to mention everyone else’s lovely photos which is a creative joy!!

Here are some of my photos from the first few days:

Favourite Colour

I of course love red and teal…

Craftic Challenge - Favourite Colour

Favourite Medium

If you read the blog, I’m sure by now; I don’t need to mention that I do a little of almost everything when it comes to crafts!

Craftic Challenge Favourite Medium


Some of my favourite challenge photos; are when I get to play with my stash. Like this bright coloured pic of my button collection (or some of it)!

Craftic Challenge Collection


Some of the prompts seem far more challenging than they should be; like this one, but the pic was fun to put together!

Craftic Challenge Shiny/Sparkly

Work in Progress

It’s been a while since I’ve shared this one anywhere; I still consider it a work in progress though, and intend to actually finish it! I only have the sleeves left! You can read about the project in this post!

Craftic Challenge Work in Progress

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at what I’ve been up to! Of course there are more pics over on Instagram, and will be more throughout the month!

Do you take part in any regular challenges? Either on the blog or socials or even elsewhere? Let me know in the comments below or of course on socials!

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