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Mini Easter Canvas Art – Quick Easter Crafts

As we’re still in Lockdown; and I wanted to up my seasonal content; I’ve been looking for some fun Easter crafting. Mostly because I just want fun things to work on! I was checking out some quick things to do and found some cute mini Easter Canvas squares, which seemed just the thing!

On the desk...

So I love a bit of colouring, it’s relaxing, and colour in canvasses are easy to do with a handful of pens, if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with paint! I should point out, although I have worked with Hobbycraft in the past; this post is not sponsored; I just wanted to share it!

Easter Crafting

This year I really wanted to up my seasonal content. I struggle to find Easter content that isn’t aimed at children; and while some of the projects over the next couple of weeks use products aimed at kids, my end goal is for our house (of two adults).

In the past I have shared a couple of Easter posts; But I was doing a bit of online retail-therapy a while ago; looking for some fun Easter projects, and loved these cute mini canvasses from Hobbycraft (£3 for four). The four designs are cute, and simple, with lots of scope to customise, or to paint or colour in any way you wish.

Easter Canvas 4pack from Hobbycraft (Not sponsored)

I actually have a sort-of plan for Easter, so this worked perfectly, as (little hint) these small Easter Canvas squares are pretty much perfect coaster size… I don’t want to give too much away, but it should all come together in the next couple of weeks!

Easter Canvas squares x4 with bunny and egg imagery, and "Happy Easter" wording
For more Easter craft ideas check out this post.

Easter Canvas Art

So, for my bit of colouring time; I picked out a handful of Sharpie’s in bright colours, and got to work over a couple of evenings, chilling in front of the TV! This definitely made me realise I should do this more. Colouring is a lovely activity to work on; I always forget just how relaxing it is!

Four coloured in Easter Canvasses with bunny and egg imagery, and "Happy Easter" wording

I actually love how bright and fun they look! I’m quite tempted to give them a coat of mod-podge; to protect them a little more! Who knows if I’ll get round to it though. Lots planned at the moment!

Are you working on any Easter crafts or related content? Let me know in the comments below, or of course you can Tweet me! If seasonal content isn’t really your thing, I am still taking part in the #CrafticChallenge over on Instagram, for something a little different!

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