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Simple Table Runner – Quick Easter Crafts

When thinking about Easter this year; and how I was going to create content aimed at everyone, not just kids; I geared my thoughts more towards home, than Easter itself. One easy thing to do; for any season, is creating a simple table runner to set the tone for the season.

On the desk...

A table runner Kay, Really? Honestly, it’s true though. We don’t have much in the way of dressing for our dinner table; (which is usually home to piles of junk; and very occasionally my sewing machine). It’s mostly covered with an oilcloth tablecloth, with a bright funky diner design. But sometimes it’s nice to clear it off and actually eat there; and making a bit of a feature of it, makes it more special. And it’s EASY!

Getting Creative for Easter

So, with Easter, and spring in mind; I wanted to create something fresh and inviting, and so turned my attention to our dining table; which also happens to be pretty much the first thing you see when you walk into our living room.

As I said, it’s usually covered in crap with a fun oilcloth tablecloth; mostly because it’s wipe-clean and I have two cats that don’t understand why they can’t be on the table; considering most of the time, all we do is cover it in junk.

Table in the corner, with birthday banner, and a black cat staring up at a balloon (Loki)
An old pic, but aside from the birthday banner and balloon, a fairly familiar sight!

However I do also own a (slightly worse for wear) white tablecloth; and as of Christmas a lovely burgundy tablecloth Stu’s mum made us. Both are a little… not Easter-y, and so; owning a few odd bits of fabric, but not enough to cover the whole table; the obvious thing to do is create a runner.

Simple Table Runner

So what do you need to do, to create this wonderful table-changing masterpiece? Fabric. Sewing implements, and well, that’s it really.

I had a dig through my stash and found some very Easter appropriate yellow fabric; it also happens to be the right size for the table (Our table is about 1.2m wide). If you’re not that lucky you can always sew different fabrics together; chunky blocks from FQ’s, stripes of remnants, quilt style squares or triangles… (You get the idea)!

I Ironed my fabric, pinned the edges and got sewing.

Simple Table Runner Prep - Fabric with coordinating thread and bobbin

I got the sewing machine out for this yesterday; because I had some PJ’s to take up as well. It could easily be done by hand, if a little more time-consuming!

All I needed to do was hem the fabric, because I had a piece long enough. If you’re doing blocks, of course they’ll need sewing together, and then hemming afterwards.

Sewing machine and yellow table runner fabric

If you so wish you could embellish, bind or otherwise finish your runner how you like! I kind-of like the idea of adding some fun pom-pom trim; but sadly I don’t have any, and I’m actually trying to work from my stash this year; as much as possible!

If you think you’ve seen this fabric before, you might indeed! I used it in this project!

As you can see the reverse side of this isn’t particularly pretty. I might find some more fabric and make it double sided at some point! (Reversible maybe?)

Simple Table Runner yes, tidy on the side you don't see... no.

A Spring Table

And there you have it, ironed, and done! It’s definitely much lighter, and more inviting!

Simple Table Runner on white tablecloth, with Easter Accents

The bunny was one of those impulsive purchases on my Easter crafts shopping spree at Hobbycraft, I couldn’t resist it! I did give him a little bow with some stash-ribbon.

Easter Table with Bunny and Runner...

Are you doing anything for Easter this year? Or any Easter crafting? Let me know in the comments, or of course, as always you can find me on social media! All my links are below, though I’m usually most active on Twitter.

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