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Beside The Sea – A-Z Challenge 2021

It’s been so interesting having a look back at the blog in preparation for the the A-Z Challenge! Seeing some of the projects I have worked on, and places we have visited over the last few years! In this second post of the series, we are headed somewhere Cornwall is famous for – Beside the Sea!

A-Z Challenge 2021

It’s A-Z Challenge time again, and as I revealed previously; this month I am sharing a retrospective; or look back, on The Craft Room and Beyond! Beginning with A all the way to Z. Sharing fun content past and more recent!

Fun By The Sea

We don’t actually live on the coast of Cornwall, but it’s never too far away! Some of our favourite places are by the sea; it’s a nice day out for us, to get out of town for a while! Whether it’s heading to the beach; taking a walk along the beautiful coastal path; or paying a visit to one of the many towns along either side of the peninsula.

Fun Places to Visit

Knowing the changeable UK weather; But what if it’s not a day for the beach; I hear you ask! There are lots of fun indoor attractions on the coast; whether it’s a visit to an aquarium, like Blue Reef in Newquay or even the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth!

Nautical Inspired Crafting

The sea has even influenced my house a little, as I have some nautical inspired theming in the bathroom! I stitched a fun nautical cross-stitch frame, and have also purchased some locally produced handmade decor, like these cute and colourful glass fish!

Do you visit any fun places close to home? let me know your favourites! If you’re a fellow creative and it inspires you I’d also love to hear about it! You can of course leave a comment below; or if social media is more you thing, you can find the links below! I’m mostly found lurking over on Twitter.

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