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Crazy for Cars – A-Z Challenge 2021

Shock twist for those expecting craft for C! We’re on Day 3 of the April A-Z Challenge, and I thought I’d share a little snippet of a household pastime! Stu definitely got me into cars; (I don’t even drive!) and now I think we can safely say I’m about as crazy for cars as he is; though in a different way!

A-Z Challenge 2021

As I revealed previously; this month I am sharing a retrospective; or look back, on The Craft Room and Beyond! Beginning with A all the way to Z. Sharing fun content past and more recent, as part of the blogging from A-Z Challenge.

Crazy for Cars

So, where to begin; I guess it makes sense to jump right in where I did, and head to Wadebridge Wheels, which is a car show here in Cornwall, (one of many). I first went in 2011, and it’s literally a HUGE car meet (for those not in the UK). I’d never been to anything like it before, and I was pretty hooked from the start!

Over time we’ve been to the show most years, as well as a few others I’ve rounded up in this post. I gradually developed an interest in cars, and have some (questionable?) favourites of my own now!

Do you have any favourite cars? Perhaps from film or pop culture?

Stu has collected model cars for a while now, but in an unforeseen development, I appear to have a small collection of my own now! Our living room is currently home to a handful of movie cars, including Ecto 1 (his) and Christine (mine)!

Car Crazy - Movie Models
Can you name the other two movies?

On the Road

When we head out (in the car) on our adventures, we’re big fans of heading to an automotive museum too! We even managed three in one year, heading to Haynes Motor Museum, The British Motor Museum and Beaulieu! It’s great fun and not just for drivers (I assure you!) each is a little different, and it’s fun spotting favourites!

Car Crafting!

I haven’t done much in the way of car based crafts, maybe I should change that? Here are a few handmade cards featuring a variety of cars! Layered 3D paper, a metal charm, and even stickers!

Have you developed any interests over time that have surprised you?

Let me know in the comments below, or of course, as always you can find me on social media (below) or on my personal and very neglected (other) Instagram, where I sometimes do a bit of car spotting!!

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