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Disney Magic – A-Z Challenge 2021

We’re BIG Disney fans in our house, and well, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share a little Disney magic this April! Especially considering it was the entire subject of my A-Z Challenge last year!

A-Z Challenge 2021

Just a reminder that this year’s A-Z Challenge theme is A Retrospective, or look back at The Craft Room and Beyond, sharing a variety of content you may have missed, both years back and more recently! I’ll be covering a variety of themes and topics through the month, but of course there’s always the search bar if you’re looking for anything in particular! (And of course you can contact me any time!)

Disney Magic

It wouldn’t be right to not start this with our trip to the wonderful Disneyland Paris, for the 25th Anniversary; which I shared here. It was our second visit, and we can’t wait to head back again! We were planning on visiting in 2020 but we all know how that went! I’m sure we’ll book again before too long!

Disney A-Z Challenge 2020

I did of course choose to do a whole Disney themed cross-stitch piece for my A-Z Challenge last year. You can find the first post here. I did a whole colourful alphabet with a different Disney character for every letter!

Dumbo themed Cross-stitch letter D

What’s your A-Z Challenge theme? Let me know in the comments!!

Disney Crafting

If that wasn’t enough Disney crafting for you, I also did a Disney trip scrapbook (I have two now!) Writing this, I realise how much I miss scrapbooking, it’s definitely something I would like to do more of!

If that’s not enough, I have also made Disney themed cards, and of course some of my Valentines crafts this year were Disney themed too!

Disney Magic - Stu and Kay by the Walt statue in the Studios Park at Disneyland Paris
I believe this was 2015!

In this post, we even answered some Disney questions! I’d love to know what your favourite Disney movie is! Let me know in the comments below, or come and chat with me over on Twitter!

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond

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