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Eating and Drinking – A-Z Challenge 2021

Oooh now here’s a subject that we can all get our teeth into! I’m definitely a big fan of eating and drinking, and so grab a cuppa and have a read for some of my favourite food and drink based content you can find here on the blog!

A-Z Challenge 2021

If you’ve missed it I’m currently working my way from A-Z while sharing a retrospective of The Craft Room and Beyond; looking back at some older content you may have missed; as part of the April A-Z Challenge!

Eating and Drinking

I would never in a million years say I am any sort of expert baker; but I do love baking! I’ve shared some of my favourite recipes here on the blog, whether it’s seasonal goodies like Halloween Shortbread and Gingerbread cupcakes; or fun at home favourites like Lemon Drizzle cake or Apple crumble!

I have a habit of baking last thing at night. I love to try new things, whether it’s experimenting with flavours or icing! I’d love to learn more, so if I try something new, it usually ends up on the blog! And of course it’s not always sweet stuff, there was the (hilarious) day Stu and I made Cornish Pasties of our own!

Eating and Drinking - Cornish Pasty Making

When it comes to drinks, it’s definitely something I’d like to explore more; that being said a friend and I had a great time making and trying the cocktails in this festive post! If you have any ideas of any food or drink content you’d like to see, let me know in the comments!

Christmas Cocktails (Eating and Drinking)

Heading Out

I don’t blog much about food and drink out and about, though I’m fairly sure I mention cake a lot, so here are three absolutely FAB looking treats from random days out! I visit a lot of places usually, though of course if you’d like to see me post about anything in particular, you can always contact me!

Food and Drink Meets Craft

This is quite good fun, because I came up with a topic list, and sometimes; I don’t know if I have projects that line up with the themes! So here are some of my food and drink based craft projects:

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