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Family and Friends – A-Z Challenge 2021

There are a few significant people who get a mention here on the blog, every now and again. But I thought I’d take the opportunity; to share some fun posts and photos from the archive all about family and friends!

A-Z Challenge 2021

We’re on day 6 of the April A-Z Challenge, and I’m sharing a retrospective; or look back at The Craft Room and Beyond. Sharing some historic content you may have missed, or might want to check out!!

Family and Friends

I tend to only blog about people with their permission; simply because it’s all well and good sharing whatever I’m up to; here on the blog, but it’s definitely up to other people if they’d like to be included! One person who is mentioned a lot is of course Stu aka The Boyfriend; I’ve been blogging almost as long as we’ve been together; so he’s pretty used to it all, and will always share photos from days out too; so I have more to choose from!!

That being said I’ve definitely shared a little here and there, of other people in my life; including holidays, days out and of course cards and gifts made for events and special occasions!

I loved the two posts I wrote about my trip to Spain with one of my best friends, Kara; and of course we can’t not mention the awesome night of Skipfest; which is possibly one of my favourite posts here on the blog!

Creating for Family and Friends

Of course I make cards for every birthday and Christmas; so there are lots of examples throughout the blog, whether mentioned in passing or shared in random posts.

I’m never sure if people want to see cards more often, so feel free to let me know! I could even share them over on Instagram if that’s what people would prefer; let me know!

Friends on the Blog

Of course I couldn’t mention friends here on the blog; without sharing some of the FAB makers, and creatives I am friends with; and who have been mentioned; featured or shared here on the blog! So a big shoutout to Amanda of Gift Frippery, Fiona aka Fizzi Jayne and Misa of Misa’s Place!

Do you feature family and friends on your blog? Would you like to become a friend on The Craft Room and Beyond? I’m always willing to discuss guest posts and product features! Just get in touch!

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