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Getting into the Garden – A-Z Challenge 2021

Getting into the garden, or exploring those around us. Definitely a couple of our regular activities! I’m not in any sense a gardening expert; but I am slowly learning; and love sharing some of my projects on the blog. As well as, of course; our visits to local gardens, and those further afield!

A-Z Challenge 2021

One week into the 2021 A-Z Challenge; and I am sharing a retrospective; or look back at The Craft Room and Beyond. Sharing past content, and photos from the archive! Of course I may mention other things, and not link to them; if you’d like to know more, feel free to leave a comment, or try the search bar!

Getting into the Garden

The first place I have to start is home I suppose. It sort of all began with this upcycled Belfast sink. It had been sat in the garden for a while; and I’d set my sights on turning into a planter, instead of junk!

Getting creative in the garden - upcycled Belfast sink filled with plants

This spiralled all out of control, leading to more pots and tubs, and now in 2021; I have four tubs out the front, and a further 10 out the back! Not to mention a mini vinyl greenhouse!

Shortly after my endeavour to turn the sink into a planter, I began growing food. OK so this may sound like more than it was, it was runner beans (green beans); and it’s been a couple of years now! I even grew tomatoes last year too! I also grow flowers, and shrubs, but it’s definitely an experiment, and doesn’t always work out!

Upcycling The Furniture

We had some boring white plastic furniture out the back; but as I was adding colour, this seemed more and more drab and not very us! In the end I decided to try and add as much colour to the garden as I could; without changing anything (as we rent). From adding bright colourful bunting, to painting the plastic furniture! (I use a tablecloth on the table so never bothered painting it).

I am also always on the lookout for brightly coloured pots for the garden; though I’m tempted to try painting them at some point!

Garden Visits

Getting out in the garden isn’t always possible; it’s not really a sunny spot after work, and while fine for a chilled BBQ; sometimes we go further afield; and visit some of the many National Trust gardens here in Cornwall, such as Glendurgan, Trebah and Godolphin.

We love a wander around some of these sites; it’s a great way to spend some time outside together; away from technology and just relax together out of the house!

Have you worked on anything creative in the garden? Let me know in the comments below; or of course you can find me on social media (links are below) I’m usually found most often on Twitter.

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