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Ideas Plans and Goals – A-Z Challenge 2021

It’s interesting when it comes to blogging; as to how much I post when it comes to sharing ideas, goals and plans. I don’t tend to share a lot of plans ahead of time; largely because I don’t work to any sort of major plan! I have a couple of projects I tend to line up for the year; but other than that, it’s what I decide to do, fairly openly here on the blog!

A-Z Challenge 2021

This year my A-Z Challenge theme is: The Craft Room and Beyond – A Retrospective. A look back at previous content and basically a chance to share and revisit some things from the archive. As I have said before; if you see something that piques your interest that I don’t link to; certainly seek out the search bar, or get in touch!

Ideas Plans and Goals

In January of this year; I started a bullet journal, and in doing so came up with some goals, and solid plans for the year. Which is probably more limited after 2020 and the beginning of 2021; due to the uncertainty of lockdowns and similar things.

Bujo Share

As I have been sharing monthly so far, here are the April layouts in my Bujo:

I’ve essentially stuck to the same style; at least to an extent through the last few months; you can see the first post here.

Challenge Goals

Something I do every year is some sort of movie challenge, and that hasn’t changed. And last year I did the walk 1000 miles challenge; which is walking 1k miles in a year. I have a Fitbit so I kind-of don’t need to track too much; though I do convert steps into approximate mileage for the purposes of the challenge.

Bujo 2021 - Books

One new challenge I set for myself this year, was to read 12 books; which doesn’t sound like much; but I just don’t make the time to read these days. It’s something I used to really enjoy. It’s not going too badly, having read a book a month so far; (though I’ve not finished my current read, I do have a few weeks to go)!

Planning Ahead

In #BCChat over on Twitter; I do run a couple of challenges through the year; so I suppose this comes under plans. As I tend to have an idea of what they will be. Though these ideas are discussed with the group in terms of what people are interested in doing; and want to take part in.

Of course there are ordinarily things like trips; major projects or events; which are planned at least to some extent, though this is on hold at the moment!

If you blog, do you tend to share your ideas, plans and goals, or just the finished article? Would you prefer to see more of that side of content here on The Craft Room and Beyond? Let me know in the comments below, or of course; as ever, you can connect with me on social media if you’d prefer!

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