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In the Garden – Cotton Bunting

How to Brighten Up Your Garden When You Rent (Part 2)

Quick cotton bunting is great for birthdays and other events; or like me, you can just use it to brighten up a dull space…

In the garden

Coming up with ways to brighten up a boring, and rather grey corner of the garden without modifying anything (as we rent), can be a bit tricky, but this is a really quick and easy project, that you can do for all sorts of occasions, or, like me, just for fun!

Quick to make cotton bunting

I got this bunch of cotton FQ’s last year; because I thought the colours were really fun! At the time I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to use them for; the brighter coloured fabrics are what I used for this project

Bright Coloured Fabric

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I hand cut the triangles, because it was quicker, though I did make same cotton bunting last year using my Cricut Maker, which does cut a lot more evenly than I do by hand! But anyway…

Sewing cotton pennant flag bunting

I pinned each of the triangles evenly across a couple of metres of bias binding, which I picked up along with some extra fabric at my local fabric shop, and ran it through the sewing machine, though again you could do it by hand, I just didn’t want it to take too much time!

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The finished cotton bunting is just pinned to the fence; though it goes a long way to cheering up the grey! The reason I didn’t do bigger or longer bunting was mostly because that’s where the decking is, so it’s where we sit, but also because it’s a bit of a wind trap, so it would only end up coming down or getting massively tangled if left up.

Handmade cotton pennant flag bunting in bright colours
The 2019 Bunting… It’s basically the same!

Over all for a quick project, I’m really happy with how things turned out!

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