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Jewels and Sparkle – A-Z Challenge 2021

We’re finally here, J. My most dreaded of letters for this years challenge. Honestly; I wrote a list and couldn’t come up with anything for J! Someone suggested jewellery; but I don’t do much in the way of making jewellery (though I’ve had a go here and there)! Though I do use jewels, gems, glitter, beads and sparkle a lot in crafting!

A-Z Challenge 2021

This year my A-Z Challenge theme is: The Craft Room and Beyond – A Retrospective. A look back at previous content and basically a chance to share and revisit some things from the archive. As I have said before; if you see something that piques your interest that I don’t link to; certainly seek out the search bar, or get in touch!

Jewels and Sparkle

Whether it’s stick on gems; charms, or glitter; you can never get away from sparkle at some point as a crafter! I’ve used sparkle yarn in knitting, glitter, and of course beads in anything from card making to scrapbook layouts!

I have even used beads in cross-stitching; both as part of the design (Love Tree has some exciting things to come!) and occasionally; as an alternative to French knots, because I’m really not a fan! Of course when it comes to adding sparkle to cross-stitching and embroidery, there is also metallic thread too! I used seed beads instead of French knots in this pretty floral cross-stitch piece; matching the beads to the thread colours in the pattern.

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Gems and Glitter

I’ve never been a huge fan of glitter, because (as we all know) that stuff gets everywhere! But from time to time I’ll brave it, and it really does look so good. Of course when it comes to cards, anything goes! In the past I’ve used broken up beaded jewellery or charms on cards.

An alternative to glitter, can be the simple addition of stick on gems; which can add some nice sparkle to a card or layout; if you’re not really a fan of working with glitter! If you do want to use glitter, but are environmentally conscious; check out using body glitter or plant based glitter, which will degrade over time unlike microplastic or foil glitters.

Jewels and Charms

I love to be able to support friends’ small businesses here on the blog; when I can, as well as local indie brands! So here are a few pics of handmade pieces I have loved!

Just for fun, if you so wish; share with me some of your favourite projects, gifts or items you love with a little bit of sparkle! You can tag me on socials, or leave me a link in the comments below!

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