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Keepsakes and Mementos – A-Z Challenge 2021

It’s no secret that the craft room is a treasure trove of not only craft supplies; but many keepsakes and mementos. Whether it’s my collection of scrapbooks, handmade items or more random things!

A-Z Challenge 2021

This year my A-Z Challenge theme is: The Craft Room and Beyond – A Retrospective. A look back at previous content and basically a chance to share and revisit some things from the archive. As well as exploring things that haven’t made it to the blog yet! As I have said before; if you see something that piques your interest that I don’t link to; certainly seek out the search bar, or get in touch!

Keepsakes and Mementos

I am, maybe, a bit of a hoarder. I think it’s a crafters curse, because you never know if it’ll be useful right! So there are several things lurking around that could be considered both a memento, and may be useful as part of a project.

Murano Glass Pendant, Marbled Paper, keepsakes and mementos from Venice Italy, 2019
I chose this necklace as Venice is rather fish-shaped!

Often, I even go so far as to looking for things I can later use in craft projects, like this traditionally made marbled paper, and Murano glass necklace; picked up in Venice, when we visited in 2019. I will try to seek out paper, small items I can use for ephemera and even take napkins and sugar packets!


I covered a lot of the random stuff found in the craft room in my A-Z of the Craft Room posts (bonus A-Z Challenge content?) so you can head over there to see just what can be found in here!

Soft toy memento collection, mostly collected on travels and days out, keepsakes, cuddly toys in hammock

But as an example, there is my travel soft toy collection; we tend to pick up a little one anytime we go somewhere new! I also have box shelves with Disney stuff, ranging from ornaments and mugs, to collectible tsums!

Mementos in Craft

One of the obvious ones here is my collection of scrapbooks and smashbooks, I’ve shared the Disney scrapbook, but never got around to sharing any of the others, so by all means leave a comment if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing here on the blog!

As an example of using keepsakes in crafting, in my Paris pages, I collected souvenir coins and fixed them to scrapbook pages to go along with the photos and journaling.

I’ve kept scrapbooks since 2010, though don’t always do the whole year. I have travel based books for most of our holidays way back to 2010! In total I currently have 6 smash books and 10 scrapbooks!

Do you pick up keepsakes and mementos when you travel? Or perhaps even close to home? Let me know in the comments below, or of course, as always I can be found on most socials! I even share photos, stories and other things that don’t always end up on the blog over on Instagram!

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