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Little Updates – A-Z Challenge 2021

An interesting one for L; which in fairness, was sort-of my plan for all the titles in this years A-Z Challenge series. I talk about how I started blogging, and eventually changed up how I post, from constant small projects, to the inclusion of bigger ideas with little updates. Whether they are long term craft projects; life in general, or other nonsensical ramblings!

A-Z Challenge 2021

This year my A-Z Challenge theme is: The Craft Room and Beyond – A Retrospective. A look back at previous content and basically a chance to share and revisit some things from the archive. As well as exploring things that haven’t made it to the blog yet! As I have said before; if you see something that piques your interest that I don’t link to; certainly seek out the search bar, or get in touch!

The Beginning

When I started blogging back in 2011; (If anyone still remembers the name of the first blog; you win my eternal respect for traveling this far with me and still following!) I started out as a DAILY craft blogger. Honestly what was I thinking?! This drifted off in the end to a healthy few times a week. Did a bit of renaming and rebranded a couple of times; and so here we are ten years and four names later, (give or take a few months); and it’s not really changed all that much.

What did happen though, was I gradually learned about what I liked and didn’t like about sharing on the blog; and how I went about it!

Little Updates

Working on a blog that is updated as often as this one is (isn’t?!); it’s inevitable that I need to share smaller projects, in terms of craft, because I post so often. Keeping things interesting, and current. Of course, that means working on anything larger, becomes difficult because I *feel* like I need to update regularly.

In the end, these days on The Craft Room and Beyond; you end up with little updates, somewhat regularly, as well as smaller one-off projects. For example this year I have been working on Love Tree, and of course my Bullet Journal.

In the past I have shared updates on other cross-stitch projects, monthly scrapbooking (it’s been a while now!) and this is even the case over on social media, when I take part in various photo or craft challenges on Instagram for example.

Long-Term Updates

I like to think there are spread out updates over time too, as the images above show, it’s not just the blog that has evolved, even the craft space has come a long way, and of course, that is still very much a work in progress!

How long have you been blogging? Do you find your content or style has changed over time?

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond

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