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Movies and Music – A-Z Challenge 2021

If there are topics that are sort-of asides here on the blog, it is movies and music. I’m an avid movie watcher, and have always loved music! I’ve tried to incorporate both of these into my craft projects over time; as well as devoted posts here and there, in terms of favourites, and other features!

A-Z Challenge 2021

This year my A-Z Challenge theme is: The Craft Room and Beyond – A Retrospective. A look back at previous content and basically a chance to share and revisit some things from the archive. As well as exploring things that haven’t made it to the blog yet! As I have said before; if you see something that piques your interest that I don’t link to; certainly seek out the search bar, or get in touch!

Movies and Music

I think it goes without saying that I have a rather big interest in films! It’s worth following me over on twitter, as I usually share what we’re watching in the evenings! We also have the Friday Night Film page; which is updated regularly, though not always as fast as it is on Twitter!

In terms of music, I don’t share as often; though I sometimes share guitar pics, and occasionally what I’m listening to over on socials. I have an extremely eclectic taste in music; and over playing guitar, I’d certainly consider myself a singer first. That however you won’t find online!

Movies and Film

I’ve shared several posts regarding movie favourites, whether it’s seasonal, or in general! For example you can check out our Spring movie favourites in this post!

Car Crazy - Movie Models
Can you name the movies?

When it comes to movie watching almost anything goes! We also go to the cinema as often as we can; and both collect movie based things; Funko Pop’s, other pop-culture ornaments and movie cars; can be found in almost every room in the house!


Personally I have ONE guitar, an Epiphone Hummingbird in ebony. Stu has five at the moment too, including a Fender strat and an Epiphone Les Paul. So it’s safe to say music is a fairly common occurrence in our house! We even met at uni when we both went to see a band in the SU bar.

We occasionally go to see live music, here and there; for example, among others; we’ve seen Seasick Steve; Biffy Clyro and even went to a Manic Street Preachers’ gig, when we were on holiday in Prague; a few years ago!

Music and Movies in Craft

I have definitely done some crafting with music in mind. Movies less so- though I’m always open to giving something a try! Check out my Butterflies and music notation circle skirt; guitar themed birthday card, and movie quote inspired cushion.

Have you posted on music or movies? Perhaps even created something inspired by either? Let me know in the comments!

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