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Bujo – May 2021 Setup [AF]

As a reminder, I’ve never attempted bullet journaling before. But having tried scrapbooking (a lot); something between scrapping and art journaling; and even just having a planner last year(!) I thought it was time I gave it a go! In this post I’m sharing my May 2021 setup…

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Bujo Share

I got my journal for around £10 on Amazon, from Stationery Island; I actually got a kit which came with a ruler, some stickers (yay) and a pen.

May 2021

May has arrived just in time to save me from April I think! I fee like I’ve been exhausted all month, and I’m ready for the fresh start; a new page of the calendar brings!

My Planner [AF]

Now we’re out of Lockdown, I’m hoping I can use my planner a little more! Especially in terms of planning and preparing, not only craft content, but a little more “beyond” the craft room content too.

Bujo - May 2021 cover page in bright pink, blue and green

This month I seem to have gone for a wholly vibrant candy theme, and you know what, I adore it!

May Goals

Nothing huge, I haven’t been as active as I’d like on socials still; having hit a bit of a lull when it came to going back to work. I’m more inclined to spend time on content; so I’m still not predicting much growth if I’m honest… Of course I more than welcome it!! Do feel free to leave me comments to egg me on!

Bujo - May 2021 goals pages

I’m sort-of glad we’re now off season. This means I can choose some more random projects and themes to work on and I’m not tied to time of year. Of course I’m always on the lookout for challenges, tags and anything else, so who knows what will appear!

30 Years of Film this May

We have set up a sort-of bonus movie challenge this month, if you’d like to join in with us! 30 years of film. It’s a fairly simple premise, beginning on May 1st with 1990, we shall pick a film from each year up to the 30th (2020) and who knows – maybe we’ll find something new on Netflix for this year too! You can follow the month’s films over on Twitter, it’s all one thread, so easy to keep track of everything. By all means comment with your favourite choices or years!

Bujo - May 2021 30 years in film spread

Of course the weekly spreads are pretty standard, though I did find some fun stickers to go along with the May 2021 theme!

Bujo - May 2021 weekly spread

To see my January bullet journal pages; as well as some of my trackers for use throughout the year; click here.

Do you have a planner or journal, or even a bullet journal? If you share on a blog or social media, let me know, I’d love to check it out. Also tips are more than welcome!!

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4 thoughts on “Bujo – May 2021 Setup [AF]

  1. This looks like a great bullet journal for May. A bright and colourful set up. 30 years in film looks like a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you!! I’m sharing my choices in a thread over on Twitter! I’d love to know your picks if you have a go 😊

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