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Stitching – Love Tree Progress (Part 8)

Happy Friday! (Or of course whenever you are reading this)! We’re back to somewhat normal scheduling, and that means back to stitching – Love Tree is getting along since the last update. Some more colour added, and it’s starting to take shape, though of course there’s a way to go yet.

On the desk...

For those who haven’t seen previous updates; this is a cross-stitch kit; aptly named Love Tree; based on artwork by Kim Anderson, and produced by Bothy Threads. I fell in love with the design when I saw it, and received it for Christmas a couple of years ago; so I’ve had it in my stash a while now! I have decided 2021 is the year it gets done!

Cross-Stitching – Love Tree

So, I began way back in this post. Starting with the silver. I’ve never been that much of a fan of metallic thread, though it was pretty painless. There are however a few areas where it’s coming undone already; which is annoying; but I’ll have a run back over it later. There’s plenty of extra thread in the kit so it’s not really a problem.

Love Tree - a start on the silver branches of the tree
The Beginning – Lots of Silver stitches

In my last update, I’d added in some colour, which made a nice change, and gave a glimpse of the pretty side of the design! It’s nice to see the beginnings of the tree shape forming!

Love Tree cross stitch progress blue close up - little updates
Adding in Dark Blue and Green stitching

You can check out the previous update in this post.

Latest Stitching Progress

For this update, I’ve sort-of tied in with my impromptu colour scheme for the month over on Instagram, which started with my planner spread for May. Candy colours abound, I’ve worked in the two shades of pink. Working in the colours is not entirely complete; smaller areas on the outside edges have yet to be added in; though it is largely done.

Cross Stitching - Love Tree progress part 8
A shot of the scale of things.

The two pink shades add a nice lightness to the stitching so far; it’s making me so much more motivated to work on this! I’m really excited to see it all come together, every time I add another colour! Seeing the flower and butterfly shapes emerging as I am stitching; and the colours are so bright and fun.

Cross Stitching - Love Tree progress close up (part 8)

As you can see the more I work on this project; the fabric is getting pretty creased; but nothing an iron won’t fix at the end.

Are you working on anything at the moment? Do you share progress content in any form? I still don’t know if people would prefer less of these updates! Don’t keep quiet, I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments!

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