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Handmade Happy Mail 2021

I usually send handmade happy mail out every now and again; to friends and family. A little something sweet through the letterbox is fun to both send and receive! I had a chilled evening recently and decided to make a whole bunch of cards, so I had some ready!

Happy Mail

I’ve had one particular matching set of card blanks for a while now. I love the cute patterns and colours, as well as the style of the open front ones! This week I spent one evening choosing various coordinating toppers, to make around 25 handmade cards!

What is Happy Mail?

Happy mail is pretty self explanatory. It is post that makes you happy! I don’t think I’m alone, we all mostly get bills, statements or junk mail through the letterbox. Happy Mail is a little joy, in the form of cards; notes or parcels that drop through your letterbox, just to make you smile.

Three pretty pink handmade cards, just because, happy birthday and good luck!

Handmade Happy Mail

I love making handmade cards, whether I use kits, themes or well, anything else! Though of course it’s not all about birthdays and other celebrations! Sometimes it’s nice just to make something pretty and fun – just because! Making so many this week, I also included some useful cards for birthdays, good luck and thank yous!

I like to send out these random handmade cards, with a little note; just to say hello and hopefully spread a smile! I get the joy of creating something a little different; and it’s a fun excuse to write a little letter or note. This makes a nice change from the mostly online communication these days!

Handmade Cards Made Easy

All of these happy mail cards were made using a few bits of kits. Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me remember where they are from! (If you know, do get in touch and let me know)! They are all super easy to make, even if you have never made cards before! You don’t even need to use a kit. I simply chose coordinating elements and stuck them to the card blanks (you can use glue or double-sided sticky tape). I finished off with some coloured pen in some cases.

Three handmade "just because" cards in brown and pink with colourful decorations

You can of course add embellishment, such as ribbons, buttons, beads and more! (The possibilities are endless)!

Another fun thing with sending happy post, is what you can include; you can send a card or a note of course; but you can also include:

  • stickers
  • small treats and gifts
  • handmade items
  • keepsakes
  • postcards

The possibilities are endless; and determined only by how much you wish to send! Check out this post to see some happy mail I have received!

When it comes to more general happy mail; I sometimes also like to decorate the envelopes with washi tape and stickers! There aren’t any rules, though of course, remember to leave space to correctly place your stamp(s).

Want to receive some Happy Mail?

If you want to be added to my happy mail list; (I choose random people throughout the year); do get in touch! You can email me (find that info here) or drop me a message on Twitter or my other socials! I don’t share anyone’s address information, it’s just for sending mail. You can of course get in touch with me at any time to request I destroy your information.

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