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Bright Knitted Jumper Project

I first started this bright knitted jumper project ages ago; and keep putting it down to work on other things! Lately though I have picked it back up again, to work on it a little more; and thought I’d share a little update!

On the desk...

When I started knitting this jumper I was going to make it purely with rectangles as a super quick and easy slouch jumper, though my limited skill has improved to the extent I am working on slightly better sleeves.

Bright Knitted Jumper

The aim for this knitted jumper is a lightweight throw over for summer evenings, over a cami top or similar. It is a very loose knit, I am using 9mm needles in DK weight yarn. The Sprinkles yarn was a Poundland find! I believe I’ve used around four balls so far, with one left for the second sleeve.

Bright Knit Jumper Yarn

At three balls for £1 it’s definitely a cheap project! So far it’s been really easy to work on, mostly in stockinette stitch, with some k1p1 basic rib stitch for the bottom hem. The sleeves have been slightly more complicated, with some basic increases. I also did a small decrease for the cuff for a slight flare effect. If you are looking to try something similar I would say it’s a project suitable for beginner knitters; though you may have to look up a couple of things!

To see the beginning of the project, you can read about it in this post; having started second side! Unfortunately, when I completed the second side; the project was put aside again!

Bright Coloured knitted panel

Bright Jumper Progress

I picked it up recently and am now half way through my first sleeve! I’m really hoping I’ll be able to finish this one this year; it’s not complicated to knit, and is quite fun to work on just relaxing with a movie in the evening. I just seem to put it down whenever I finish a piece; so it will be a case of casting on that second sleeve; as soon as I get done with this one!

Bright Knitted Jumper progress May 2021

I’ve never knitted clothing before, though of course I have done some sewing in the past, and have previously shared several scarf knits, as well as my “Very Berry Knitting” hat and mittens!

Have you ever knitted a garment? Let me know in the comments below, or of course you can find me on Twitter and all other socials, you can find the links below.

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