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30 Days Wild – 2021 Week 1

This month, is also 30 Days Wild, created by The Wildlife Trust, it’s all about getting in touch with nature, and learning how we can do our part to preserve, protect and learn more about living alongside wildlife. I won’t be doing everything on the 30 days list (because I can’t) though I will try to do as many as possible throughout the month, and share what I get up to here on the blog!

30 Days Wild graphic with tree and flowers and a bee in the 0

I’m looking forward to taking on a little more, paying more attention, and generally appreciating nature!

30 Days Wild

I signed up a little while ago online, and was sent a helpful pack of ideas for activities and differences I can make throughout June! It’s been quite exciting planning some activities, and I thought it would be fun to share this here on the blog! Let me know if you’re taking part too!

When I signed up I got sent a little pack of goodies; including a wallchart, a small journal “passport” with daily ideas and stickers, and a little packet of wildflower seeds!

Wild Week 1

This week, it’s been quite easy to get into some of the checklist for 30 Days Wild!

Big Wild Breakfast

Day one of 30 days wild, is the Big Wild Breakfast, however I don’t really do breakfast. I did take a cup of tea outside on a couple of mornings, to enjoy the sunshine though!

Mug of Tea with "drink me" slogan, outside with blue sky and bunting in the background

You can read about my efforts to brighten up the garden in this post.

Listen Out for Birdsong

There are actually loads of birds around here. I’ve seen (and heard) seagulls, blackbirds, magpies, sparrows and I even saw a blue tit this week!

Take Action For Insects – Plant Wildflower Seeds

I scattered these seeds in one of my regular pots, though I have been thinking about making a wild corner in the garden. What do you think? Should we have a wild area?

Planting my 30 Days Wild Wildflower seeds in a large tub in the garden.
Visit Your Local Park at Dusk and Look For Bats

I am lucky enough to not have to go very far to spot bats, as there are a couple that fly around outside the house! It’s always fun to spot them as they search for food outside the window!

Sketch Something From Nature

Honestly, I cannot draw, but this was good fun! I love our Rose of Sharon hedge, the flowers are so pretty and vibrant yellow!

30 Days Wild - Sketch from Nature - rough sketch in coloured pen, of Rose of Sharon flower and buds
Look For Shapes In The Clouds

Did you know that seeing faces in objects and clouds is called pareidolia? I actually do this quite a lot!

Read a Wild Blog, Book or Poem

I could recommend lots of blogs to do with nature and wildlife, but a favourite of mine is still Finding Nature! It’s just so good, with lots to read about wildlife and various locations in the UK!

These are just a few of the ideas in the guide from the wildlife trust! I’m excited to try to do as many as I can this month, and even beyond June! It’s already been nice to sit back and pay a little more attention to all the nature around, just in the garden!

Are you taking part in 30 days Wild this year? If you are, let me know in the comments!

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