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Bright Knitting Update and Wild Week 2

I thought I’d share a little bit of a bright knitting update this week; as I have finally finished the first sleeve of the jumper! I am of course also still trying to participate in The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild; and thought I’d share what I’ve been up to this week.

30 Days Wild graphic with tree and flowers and a bee in the 0

The goal of 30 Days Wild is to do something wild; or connect with nature in some way, for 30 days.

Bright Knitting Update

I have finally finished the first sleeve of my brightly coloured jumper! I’m really hoping this means I’ll get it finished, as it is supposed to be a summer throw-over! It’ll be great if it is in fact finished for summer! It’s so gorgeous and vibrant!

Bright Knitting - three finished pieces of four!

I still really love this yarn, and it’s still available for just £2 for three balls in Poundland! What a bargain, and I promise you it’s super soft, and really nice quality!

I didn’t get to take part in Knit Outside Day; as I was working. But I have been taking it out to the garden to work on, when the weather has allowed. It’s been nice and relaxing, enjoying some fresh air and crafting!

Wild Week 2

it’s been quite a busy week this week; but I’ve still managed to still check off some of the 30 Days Wild checklist!

Identify a Wildflower

One wildflower we have around here in abundance is Daisies, aka Bellis Perennis.

Wild Daisies

I was quite tempted to make a daisy chain, but I think I’ll leave that to the neighbours!

Watch a wild webcam

This was super easy, and I totally recommend checking it out, you can find out more here!

Follow a Bumblebee

We’ve seen a lot of bumblebees around lately! We’ve tried not to mow the lawn so much; because as much as dandelions are weedy and annoying, they’re also great bee food!

close up photo of bumble bee on pink petaled flower
Photo by PJ on

It’s been great seeing the bees work their way across the garden, and to my planters!

Go on a Bug Hunt

There are lots of bugs out in the garden… Woodlice, earwigs, ants, shieldbugs, bees, hoverflies and even a couple of butterflies have been spotted this week!

Go Barefoot – Connect to the Earth

As soon as it’s warm enough, I am usually barefoot!

30 days wild - go barefoot and connect to the earth

Not usually one for sharing pics of my feet on the internet, but there ya go…

Set Up a Moth Trap

I don’t need to create a moth trap here, as the front of our house is a creamy colour, and the light from a nearby streetlight reflects wonderfully to attract moths at night!

Record What You See in the Garden or at a Park

I’ve sort of covered this! I’m also getting a bit inundated with slugs, if anyone has any tips?

Have you been taking part in 30 Days Wild? You can check out week one here. Let me know what you’ve been up to, in the comments!

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