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Garden Bunting and Wild Week 3

What lovely amazing weather we’ve been having! All the better for getting out in the garden, and of course; if I’m spending more time out there, it made me realise how much I needed to renew the garden bunting!

30 Days Wild graphic with tree and flowers and a bee in the 0

This has become even more noticeable, as I’ve been out planting; doing more of the 30 days wild list; and of course, enjoying family time in the sunshine!

The Garden Bunting

I’ve made bunting for the garden a couple of times now, you can check out last year’s in this post. It’s nothing special, just some fat quarters of fabric cut into pennant triangles, and stitched to some bias binding.

I went a little longer this year, with bigger flags, and I’m loving all the colours!

How To Make Your Own Bunting

This is a super easy project, whether you use purposely bought fabric; or even use old clothing; bedding or, well anything else! Cut out your shapes (it may be easier to use a template cut out of card); and pin them evenly to some ribbon, a strip of cotton, or like I have, bias binding.

Bunting, brightly coloured fabric pinned and folded into a stack ready for sewing

Then if you’re anything like me, it will take you a couple of weeks to get the sewing machine out… But honestly, you just need to sew the flags in place along your band. You can use a machine, or even hand sew them.

That’s it!

This really is such an easy and fun project; and of course you can make your own for many occasions, to suit any decor, and even just because! It can be a great way of upcycling!

Wild Week 3

This week as been quite a relaxed one; with lots of crafting and generally being busy! But we have also managed to make a couple of changes; and check off some more of the checklist from the 30 days wild booklet! Check out last week here.

Watch a Sunset

There have been beautiful colours in the evenings this week

Take a Wild Photo

Well, this one was nice! We’ve been out and about lately, of course; so here’s a gorgeous photo of wildflowers, and the coast, because of course wildlife and nature isn’t just land based!

Tintagel Ruins with wildflowers, with the sea and horizon visible
Hug a Tree

Well, I may not have actually hugged my tree, because it’s in the front garden, and y’know, neighbours. I did however go and check on it, and give it a little water; as it’s a growing baby of a tree, and it’s been very hot lately.

Exercise in Nature

I’m fairly sure our walk around Tintagel covered this!

Selfie of Kay and Stu (The Craft Room and Beyond) taken on the bridge at Tintagel

Whether you go for a walk; practice yoga in the garden; or even go and have a kickabout with friends; getting outside for some exercise is a really good habit to get into!

Have a Plastic Free Day

We often have days we don’t use single-use plastics; and often those that we do, come from pre-packaged items, which of course we try to avoid where possible… We have tried to limit our plastic usage at home as much as we can anyway, so this wasn’t much of a challenge! Do you have any tips for staying plastic free? Let me know in the comments!

Create a Log Pile

Well, we rent, so of course I didn’t want to change anything drastically! However I liked the idea of giving some bugs a home, so I did go out and buy a little bug house, which has been put up at the end of the garden, in a nice spot!

Our little insect house, nailed up to the garden fence

So hopefully we’ll have some little residents soon!

There are certain ideas in the 30 Days Wild “passport”, we really cannot do. For example, creating a hedgehog hideaway is not very practical; especially when there are a lot of cats around; and we rent! We have however got some little bird feeders; have planted flowers to attract bees (they like yellow and purple); and even have installed a water butt to save running water costs, and give us a supply for plant watering. So even if you can’t do some of the suggested activities, there are lots of other things you can do!

What are some of your tips to make your garden or outside space more nature friendly? Let me know in the comments! If you’re taking part in 30 days wild; do tag me on Twitter or other socials (below) so I can see what you’re up to!

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