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Our Garden in 2021 and Wild Week 4

Our garden has of course been the subject of a few blog posts over the last couple of years! IT has a few statement pieces, such as our upcycled Belfast sink planter, and the bunting pinned to the fence! But what’s new in the garden in 2021?

30 Days Wild graphic with tree and flowers and a bee in the 0

With a few additional colourful pots and LOTS of colourful planting, I thought I’d share our garden this year, and catch up with our final week of 30 days wild!

Our Garden in 2021

There have been a few additions to our garden since last year; so let’s start with a catch up pic, here is the garden as it looked in 2020!

Plants in our garden

As you can see, I was starting to introduce some brightly coloured plant pots, as well as plants to cheer things up a bit! You can check out some of the other ways I’ve brightened up the garden in this post.

Now this year, we have even more pots, and of course, that means even more plants too! It’s been a lot of work, weeding, replanting and of course adding some more colours to the collection! Here is the garden in 2021:

It’s been really fun, learning what I like and don’t like, and I don’t even mind weeding! We didn’t have any luck with the runner beans this year, but we have got a couple of tomato plants, and even some chillies growing in a pot too! Since I took this photo, I have even added a strawberry plant too!

I also got a pop-up ‘greenhouse’ for my birthday, last winter, to keep things a little more protected, and it’s great for starting off seedlings, when I can’t do this indoors because of the cats!

Wild Week 4

I can’t believe we’re done with the final week! It’s been such a fun time, if we haven’t done more to appreciate wildlife and nature, we have at least become more aware. We managed 25 of the 30 things on the list, which I don’t think is too bad!

If you want more ideas for how to add more wild into your life, check out Sarah’s Instagram, she’s been sharing lots of wonderful and creative 30 Days Wild ideas!

Go on a Mini Litter Pick

You never have to travel far for this, just wear gloves or use a grabber, but anywhere you go, and see rubbish left, if you can take it or dispose of it, you are doing more than whoever left it. Remember, if you can bring it with you, you can take it away! Leave nothing but your footprints.

Donate to a Nature Appeal or Sign a Petition

Finding petitions, both locally and nationally is easy. You can of course find many online, it only takes a couple of minutes, and can make a world of difference.

Switch to a Green Product

This has definitely been on our to-do list for ages, but this month gave us the push, and we have changed a few things, including, washing up liquid, floor cleaner, and even shower spray, all from, and not much more costly than other brands. Also it all smells amazing!

Method "green" eco friendly shower cleaner with an aloe plant, seashells and candle
Not an ad… but a recommendation.
Explore a Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve

PENDING. We did really want to do this, but time off, together is scarce, and the weather has been very up and down lately! There are a few places nearby though, so we will definitely do so in the near future! It’s something to look forward to, and like many things during 30 Days Wild, it’s not just about the 30 days in June.

Find Colour in Nature

Honestly I can do this everywhere, but I have found myself taking a minute to stop and admire plants in the most random of places, such as my walk home!

Reflect on This Month

This month has been eye opening, if nothing else to bring more awareness to the beauty of nature around us; and the small changes we can make to encourage that! Whether it’s mowing the lawn a little less, to let the dandelions grow, so bees have food (I’ve seen more butterflies too!); or of course changing to greener products, creating less waste, and opting for plastic free options.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts this month! Have you made any changes, or perhaps you’ve been inspired to? Let me know in the comments below, or of course you can always come and chat on Twitter or my other socials (links below).

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    1. I had to include you, your insta feed has been FAB this month!! Thank you, It all adds a bit of colour whatever the season! (Or that’s what we hope lol)

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