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Rainy Day Jigsaw Puzzle [Ad: Gifted]

So, the beginning of this week, started with rain! If there’s anything I love about a rainy day, it’s that you can properly relax, and I chose to work on a jigsaw puzzle. I was recently contacted by Wentworth Puzzles, and they gifted me a gorgeous 1000 piece puzzle; to share here on the blog. With this in mind, I thought it would make a nice change, to share something I get up to that isn’t craft related!

This Week

I love jigsaw puzzles, though I don’t always have time to do them; so on this rainy Monday, it was a really nice chance to sit down and take the day to myself! I popped on a podcast playlist, and got puzzling!

One Wet Monday

Waking up to pretty torrential rain, is usually a bit of a downer, so I try to choose something fun to do indoors. Whether it’s watching a good film or two; doing some crafting (of course!); reading a book, or in this case, chilling with a jigsaw puzzle.

Rainy Day Jigsaw Puzzle Day - Wentworth Puzzles - fabric jigsaw storage bag

If rainy days indoors aren’t your thing; I have actually written some posts sharing indoor attractions; so of course there are fun days out, if you prefer to get out of the house. Check out this post, for an indoor adventure, right here in Cornwall!

Rainy Day – Jigsaw Day!

Wentworth Puzzles make gorgeous wooden jigsaw puzzles, which all come in different sizes (pieces) and SO many gorgeous images! Whether you’re looking for a fun themed 40 piece puzzle, or a challenging 1500 piece! They even have some extra difficult puzzle designs, and pretty shaped jigsaws!

Recently, I was sent, one of the 1000 piece puzzles; “Sky Roads” (with a minor print defect, which I actually can’t spot).

Rainy Day Jigsaw Puzzle Day - Wentworth Puzzles "Sky Roads" 1000 piece puzzle

Because I have a naughty cat in residence; any large puzzles come with a bit of a challenge; because I have to get it done and away in a day, if possible! As there is a risk of it getting jumped on, or launched to the floor. This adds a new layer of puzzling difficulty!

One thing I adore about Wentworth Puzzles, is the unique “Whimsy” pieces. Each puzzle contains lots of special shaped pieces; including those that tie in with the theme of the jigsaw you’re working on.

Rainy Day Jigsaw Puzzle Day - Wentworth Puzzles "Sky Roads" 1000 piece puzzle

If that’s not enough, we all know I am BIG on indie and UK business, and Wentworth puzzles are ALL designed, printed and produced right here in the UK, at their factory in Wiltshire.

Colourful Fun

I begin a lot of puzzles starting with the edge pieces, but you can’t really do this with a Wentworth puzzle, so I moved on to my second step, sorting pieces by colour.

The puzzle contains pieces of all different shapes and sizes, which is really fun to work with, and I’ve always loved the feel of real wooden pieces, as opposed to cardboard puzzles, which tend to peel and bend over time.

I love the vibrant colours of the balloons in this design. It definitely took me away from the rain outside, with the pretty scenery, blue sky and gorgeous rainbow! The perfect antidote to bad the weather!

The puzzle goes together beautifully, and it’s so satisfying. It was almost a shame to have to put it away again once finished. I really enjoyed my rainy jigsaw puzzle day, and want to thank the lovely people of Wentworth Puzzles for sending me this. It was much needed after a busy weekend!

Rainy Day Jigsaw Puzzle Day - Wentworth Puzzles "Sky Roads" 1000 piece puzzle - completed jigsaw puzzle

I would genuinely recommend a Wentworth Puzzle to everyone, I have a couple more myself, and they’re a joy to work on, and would make wonderful gifts for any jigsaw enthusiasts! There are even a few on my wish list.

Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles? Or have I perhaps encouraged you to try one out? If I have, or if you have any Wentworth wooden puzzles, let me know in the comments below or on social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond

I was gifted this puzzle in return for a blog post about my experience. All opinions and images are my own.

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