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In the Garden – Upcycling Furniture

How to Brighten Up Your Garden When You Rent (Part 4)

The final project I am sharing this month; something I had in mind for the garden for a long time. Which I really never actually thought I’d actually do; but we did it last summer! Upcycling the furniture!

In the garden

Plagued by windy and wet weather at the time; it made this project a little harder than it could have been; but getting Stu in to help, we got there eventually!

Upcycling Patio Furniture

So I always liked the idea of painting the plastic furniture in the garden; it’s a quite old set, that while fully functional, is a bit tired. So why not literally brighten it up a bit!

Painting plastic furniture isn’t necessarily easy; though we thought it was a really simple way to brighten up the corner without resorting to anything permanent to the actual garden. We used some primer especially designed for plastics, and two cans of spray paint in two colours.

I chose this lovely teal colour (you’d never guess I was a fan right?!) and a nice bright yellow.

And so I got some paint online, and we went from this:

White plastic patio chair

To this:

Upcycled furniture Painted Chairs
The steps:
  • Wash the furniture with soapy water, and rinse thoroughly
  • Wait until it is dry
  • Apply primer, evenly across the area you’re painting
  • Wait for that to dry (approx 15 mins)
  • Paint.
  • We applied a few thin coats to get even coverage, making sure to get in all the gaps and spaces.
  • Leave to dry.

We did find some colour transfer issues a while after the chairs have dried, but a year on, this doesn’t seem to be an issue. It is possible to get a spray varnish to protect them more as they are outside year round.

Upcycled Furniture. Painted Chairs and Bright Coloured Bunting

Aside from the amazing colour, which looks gorgeous, and didn’t end up too light or too dark; the major advantage with this paint is the quick drying time, though we did find the finish wasn’t fantastic, once it had dried. Mostly due to chairs not being the easiest thing to paint, with lots of curved edges and little gaps, we found it was slightly difficult to get even coverage because it dripped quite a lot, though we went with layering thin coats, which may have used more paint than necessary.

Also we’re not experts, and I’m sure there are ways to get a better finish when you’re not limited to a couple of evenings to contend with the weather as we had to at the time!

We did end up buying another can of teal paint to finish off, but never got around to finishing the yellow (it’s the backs of the chair legs, nobody’s looking that closely right?!

Upcycled Candle Jars

Adding a bright tablecloth, and of course the other projects, we have a vibrant space that hasn’t altered our rented property!

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Which just goes to show with some small additions, you really can dramatically change a space.

Upcycled patio furniture, around a table with a bright printed tablecloth, set up for a barbecue.
This Year

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