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Envelope Cushion Cover – Quick Project

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a quick craft project, here on the blog; so I thought I’d share something I made recently for the rocking chair in the craft room. I shared the fabric over on Instagram ages ago, but in this post I’ll share what I made – a super easy envelope cushion cover.

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As I’m sure you’ll already know by now, my craft room is a mix of teal and grey (wonder where I got my blog design idea…) and it’s also dotted with Disney, and especially Alice in Wonderland bits and pieces! I have a rocking chair in there, and for the longest time, I’ve said I want to do something with it to make it more in-keeping with the room.

Well, not too long ago (a couple of months?) Stu’s mum tagged me in a pic on Facebook, of a local fabric shop’s latest fabric additions, which were all Alice in Wonderland themed!

The Craft Room

In case you’re new, this is where it all happens… well, sometimes. It is, at the very least, where everything is kept!

My Desk in the craft room, 2021
How many Alice themed items can you spot in this photo?

There are numerous projects, it’s very much an upcycled space, and I love it! You can of course find out more over on this page!

The Fabric

As I said above, Stu’s mum, Helen, tagged me in a post with some gorgeous Alice in Wonderland fabric from Sew and Fabric in nearby St Austell. One in particular caught my eye! Next time I popped over, Helen gave me a little present –

Alice in Wonderland fabric in teal and grey "down the rabbit hole" design

Honestly it’s so gorgeous, and of course the colours are very me!

Then came the conundrum, what do I make with this, of course it had to be something for the craft room, it goes without saying! And then I remembered I wanted a new cushion for the rocking chair. So I decided to get the sewing machine out and make a quick and easy envelope cushion cover. Perfect for showing off the gorgeous design, and a great addition to the room!

Envelope Cushion Cover

These types of cushion (or pillow) cover, are super quick and easy to make, because you don’t have to worry about fastenings or anything!

Simply measure the size of the cushion you are covering, add a couple of inches for the width. Fold your fabric so it will cover both sides and then have extra which will fold the other way.

To start I flipped the fabric right sides together, hemmed my two smaller edges, and pinned the smaller flap, quickly sewing up the sides, I then pinned the larger section in place and sewed that right from top edge (the fabric fold) to the bottom, enclosing the other flap. Leaving an open end, turning it in the right way, to tuck the pillow in, and pull the flap section over.

Alice envelope cushion cover opening - a close up of the hemming and envelope closure

This was SO super easy, and is a great beginners sewing project, or quick idea for experienced sewists! Ideal for throwing together any seasonal decor too!

Alice in Wonderland envelope cushion cover in teal and grey colours "Down the Rabbit Hole" design

Once it was all finished, it went to it’s new home in the craft room, and I think it fits right in!

Alice in Wonderland themed envelope cushion cover, on rocking chair in the craft room

Do you have any go-to quick sewing projects? Let me know in the comments, or of course you can find me on social media, or even join in with Beyond Craft (aka #BCChat) over on Twitter every Tuesday at 8pm (UK time).

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  1. I love the Alice and Wonderland fabric; it’s beautiful! The envelope cushion cover you created is amazing, the perfect addition for your craft room. 😊 Thank you for sharing your creation.

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